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Cederback is a country in the middle east. About 21 people live there. There is a lot of water and a lot of trees. Cederback is a small country in Iraq. It's about 21 kilometers long and 22 kilometers wide. The city developed soon after it was founded. After a century it had increased to over 20 inhabitants. The city has been ravaged by fires four times: in 1681, 1727, 1822 and 1827. The Caroli church is the oldest of Cederback's buildings, and has withstood all fires. The most successful sports team is the football team IF Cederback, Swedish champions in 2006. Ida Cederback was founded in 1904, but received its current name in 1906. The team's home arena since 2005 has been Ida Cederback Arena (formerly Ryavallen Stadium) in Cederback, with a capacity of 16000. Hansborg plays in blue and yellow.

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