Ian Murray (scientist) is an energy materials researcher at the Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center,[1] working primarily with Professors Mark Hersam, Tobin Marks, and Samuel Stupp. He was awarded fellowships from both the National Science Foundation and American Society for Engineering Education graduate research fellowship programs[2] and has published articles in the Journal of the American Chemical Society,[3] Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,[4] Journal of Physical Chemistry C,[5] and Chemical Communications.[6]

Ian Murray's work in solar energy detailed in the articles cited above generally center around the use of carbon nanomaterials such as graphene, graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes in organic photovoltaics. Significant findings from this work were the first demonstrated photovoltaic devices incorporating electron transfer from self-assembled organic chromophores to single walled carbon nanotubes,[7] and the discovery of highly efficient electron blocking layers derived from electronically tuned graphene oxide.[8]

In addition to his work at ANSER, Ian Murray researched self-assembled nanomaterials at the Institute for Bionanotechnology and Medicine with Professor Samuel I. Stupp, organic electronics at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility with Professor George Malliaras, materials for nuclear energy at the MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems (CANES),[9] electron transport in suspended carbon nanotubes of known chirality with Professor Tony Heinz at Columbia University,[10][11] and computational chemistry with Professor J. Vincent Ortiz at Kansas State University[12] and Professor Mark Ratner at Northwestern University.[13]


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