Iamreallycoolful11 is a youtube channel created by Sergio Argueta. This Channel mostly consists of spoofs, video game related videos, and anime/manga related videos. As of 6/6/2012 the channel has 416,215 video views and more then 50 videos. He had perviously had more then 100 videos, but because of his becoming a youtube partner had a massive delete of videos happen to make way for better quality videos. He is known for having the "Banned Seizure Inducing Pokemon Episode (Electric Soldier Porygon)" video. He is currently working on his "Lets Check out NES Games" series currently on episode 6 as of 6/6/2012.

Sergio Argueta: Was born in Newark, New Jersey but currently lives in Tennessee. He enjoys crappy Playstation 2 videos games and enjoys video game reviews by: JamesNintendoNerd, Stanburdman, Aqualunggamereviews, CGRUndertow, and InecomCompany.

These are the projects he has worked on:

  • Angry Playstation Nerd
  • Lets Play Raw Danger
  • Lets Play Lode Runner
  • Me and My Brothers episodes 1-?
  • Hunger Games Music video
  • Etc.

You can check out his catolog of retro gaming videos, modern gaming videos, skits, spoofs, songs, and reviews on his youtube channel:

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