iPOP Fashion is a virtual world website only for girls that are ages 7+. iPOP Fashion is the new name of the site. The original name was Miss Fashionista, but changed after 8 months. The currency of the site is Closet Points, related to fashionista, their past site name. The site has been very popular in April-present because of many sponsors and ads representing them.

Anne, is the administrator and VIP of the site. The basic goal of the whole site is to become the greatest VIP and beat Anne. By doing that, they have to do goals, become VIP, and become popular.

VIP is part of their two member segments. Once you start registering, you are a Basic. Basics can only by the items that are labeled Basic. VIP can buy any product, including Basic items. Some of the things that are only for VIP are: pets, cars, and certain VIP products.

Many moms have been very proud of iPOP Fashion because of many things they have taught their child to do, such as the Bank, the Movie Theater, and a Mall. They have been influencing girls about real life.

iPOP Fashion has arcade games and money games. The arcade games are games that you play only for fun, which means you don't earn any Closet Points at all. The money games, which you can find at the World Map in their site on the upper menu, give you cash. The following games they had permission to take are: Frogger, Helicopter, Breakout, Fishy, and Znax. The arcade games are Kisses Day, Anne Has Zits!, and iPOP Fashion Puzzle.

Their site URL is:

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