FANDOM is a hit tv show based on hilarious events. There are 3 main characters in the show: Natalie, Ashleigh and Daniel. The series comes out 2013, the actual month hasn't been released. The show '' has a bunch of mini clips. Special episodes such as 'iScream and iValentine' have been released by the cast themselves. On they quote "Yes, there is a bunch of episodes we have in store for you, we cannot tell you some of the titles but we can tell you bout iValentine and iScream" These 3 teenagers have a bunch of fans known as 'lolanators'. The original cast was Natalie, Ashleigh and Kyan. Due to Kyan leaving, another case member was found. When Daniel jumped at the chance to be on ILOL, fans on began to adore him. He calls his fans 'Koalas'. There has been many rumors that their are other accounts that claim to be the official ILOL but none of them are. The official is ILOLcom. With a bunch of questions, these 3 hardly have time to answer but they've managed over 200 answers currently. A fan explained how excited they were they even made a personalized jumper with the cast's name on. "I cannot express how excited I am for ILOL to preview, it will be hilarious! Hurry up?:D" -Antony.

The reason behind 'ILOL' was to provide a different kind of laughter to the viewers.

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