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David Halberstam was born in a small town by the Mount McKinley, Alaska, USA. His father is a leader of SAR team who had saved many climbers and tourists, as well as a mountaineer, who had kept conquering different mountains. Little David always had a dream with him, to conquer the Mount McKinley some day and become a real man. Every time Little David ask his father the key to conquer each mountains, the answer is : I Keep Reaching Realself.

The year little David grew to be a young man, his father was confronted with an accident during the work. When David arrived saw his father, the final word his father leave to him with his last breath is: I Keep Reaching Realself.

The year 1957, David had became an successful business man. He kept go back to Mount Makindley once a year though he is very busy. So many years passed, David suddenly realized that maybe here in the Mount Mackindley is the best place for his dad.

When it came to the Year 1959, when David was moving to another place he saw his dad's remains, an old climbing wear. Suddenly an inspiration came out in his mind: How about combine the professional climbing wear with fashions? He turned to his Chief Designer Alena Fletcher immediately and their ideas coincided. Thus they put their ideas into practice,their ideas meet customers' needs and enjoy a marvelous embrace.

In honor of his father,David made his father's last words his new brand name: IKRR, which is just I Keep Reaching Realself.

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