II SS Panzer Corps
Active July 1942 – 8 May 1945
Country 22x20px Germany
Allegiance Adolf Hitler
Branch 23px Waffen-SS
Type Panzer corps
Role Armoured warfare
Size Corps
Engagements World War II

The II SS Panzer Corps was a German Waffen-SS armoured corps which saw action on both the Eastern and Western Fronts during World War II.

World War II

Between 20 September and 20 of November 1943 the corps conducted operations against Slovene and Croat partisans in order to establish a connection with Army Group F in the Balkans and to secure communications east and northwards from Trieste and Rijeka. In these operations, according to the Corps Headquarters' Medical Department, the corps suffered total losses of 936 men.[1][dead link] According to Croat authors, in the first phase against partisans on Istrian peninsula (Unterhehmen Istrien), some 2000 partisans and 2000 civilians were killed by German forces, and additional 1200 were arrested, with some 400 transported to concentration camps.[2]

The elements of the corps surrendered to the U.S. Army on 8 May 1945.


Order of battle

July 1943 – Operation Citadel

September 1943[3][dead link]

October 1943[4][dead link]

September 1944 - Operation Market Garden

March 1945 - Operation Frühlingserwachen



Further reading

  • Reynolds, Michael - Sons of the Reich: The History of II SS Panzer Corps

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