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website designing and developing: Webinfoservices develops smart and appealing website design that attracts viewers and effectively convey your message so that you get results. Our website is easy to navigate and is aesthetically good.

Our website design has

solid graphic design skills high-end programming website application cutting edge website optimization techniques. Your website is your business presence on the Internet. Do not entrust your public image to anyone other than a professional web development company.

Here's what we would do for your business:

work with you on a website design that matches your company's image create a unique website design that is pleasing easy to navigate strike a balance between good-quality images and fast download time ensure that your site is viewed correctly on all web browsers and any size of monitor ensure that your website design looks good at any resolution get your website ranked high with search engines affordable website hosting

search engine optimization :

We offer solutions to take your website to the top of the major search engines. We rely on the latest search engine placement techniques including optimizing both on-page and off-page factors.

On-page optimization

This consists of all variables on your actual website pages. These variables include: keyword density, meta-tags, internal link structure, etc. Your website code and content will be tweaked so that your site will be as "search engine friendly" as possible. Search engine friendly simply means the search engines will be able to easily crawl your site and recognize the intent and purpose and rank it accordingly.

Off-page optimization

This consists of all variables that exist outside of your website. Off-page optimization is link popularity. We specialize in targeted link popularity campaigns. Our goal is to get your website connected with your industry and raise your search engine rankings at the same time. The result is targeted traffic from both related authority sites and the search engines.

The Customized SEO Solution includes: Initial Search Engine Optimization Report. Initial Competitive analysis technical Report from algorithm point of view. Meta tags optimization including title, description and keywords On-page optimization Customized keyword analysis to define the best suited key phrases for your business. Creation of targeted, optimized pages for Search engines destined as landing pages for visitors. Image Optimization W3C validation for homepage Creation of a search engine friendly site map for better crawling of your site. Paid inclusion in Inktomi (Optional) Paid inclusion in Yahoo Directory(optional) Paid inclusion in AltaVista (Optional). We try to initially increase the relevance of your site so that all your main pages are indexed in Altavista for free. Hand submissions to the top search engines & directories using our unmatched experience for individual engines and directories. Submission to secondary engines and targeted directories. Link development and Management services to increase your link popularity and rankings. Link Popularity Development - 40 one way links - free. Comprehensive log file analysis. This will help us in deciding future marketing strategies for your web site. Monthly reports showing ranking progress. An SEO account manager. Optional PPC services for Google Adwords™ and Overture - Yahoo sitematch. Optional Affiliate program management services. A dedicated PPC Account Manager. 30 key phrases optimization.

multemedia presentations:

I.A.Associates combines designs with Macromedia Flash, Director & other multimedia software applications to create visually exciting and dynamic web sites, presentations and interactive CDs

Multimedia presentations have many ways of projecting your business image. A powerful multimedia presentation, distributed on-line, or via a full-size or business-sized CD-ROM, can quickly take you ahead of the competition.

Flash Technology is one of the widely used tools for creating multimedia presentation. Flash gives tremendous freedom to create designs in a very low size package optimized for the web, Flash can be used to develop interactive corporate introductions, presentations, games as well as complete websites with database driven content and forms.

Multimedia / Business CD-ROM Services we offer are :

Flash Intro Flash Banner Ads Flash Interactive websites Corporate Presentation CD Business Cards - Visiting card CDs Product/Service Brochures Interactive Catalogues Interactive Training/Demo Programs


We provide a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog front-end and an administration tool backend.

e-Commerce solutions come in different forms, styles, functionality, technologies and languages.

Each e-Commerce system has its advantages and disadvantages, from 'Off the shelf solutions' to tailor developed solutions, each offers different e-Commerce options.

'Off the shelf' e-Commerce solution software systems

These systems are cheap to purchase and easy to install by competent web design companies. They have options to deal with most products and present the products in a standard way. They mostly follow the three click purchase rule. The buyer is taken from the location of the product to purchase in just three clicks.

These e-Commerce solutions suit the widest audience. A beginner to a software application might find using it difficult. The templates cannot be altered much so provide a limited browser display capability.

Most web development companies do not allow the original files to be altered. This means the system is not upgradeable and cannot be altered to suit the changes of a clients business. If the e-Commerce system does not suit the suit the changing needs of the client, all of the initial investment is wasted.

Most of these e-commerce systems do not support the search engine promotion campaigns that are so important to get products in front of potential buyers.

engagement models:

We offer multiple engagement models to meet diverse needs of our global clients. You can choose from any one the generally accepted models below or a combination of them for different phases of your project. We can work with you to customize a model to address your specific need.

Effort based pricing or Time & Material Milestone based billing Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer Project based pricing or Fixed bid Any of these pricing models can be applied to our range of services in resourceful ways for convenience and best value for money.

Effort based pricing or Time & Material

In this model, the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed. This model is useful in contexts where the projects are quite complex and are prone to specification and design changes during the development.

This model gives you greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modifying the specifications based on the changing market needs.

Milestone-based Billing

This model works for you if you are concerned about progress in remote projects, milestones-based payment schedules reinforce progress monitoring. It helps justify payment based on achievable milestone and visible progress reduces risks.

Dedicated Development Facility or Offshore Staffing

You have the option of getting qualified and experienced personnel to suit your requirements. They work exclusively for you from our offices.

Through such Dedicated facilities, we offer the best skill sets, resources, flexibility and time-to-market advantages to you. We take all necessary efforts to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the customers. All rights to the IPR developed in the Development Facility is with you. It provides a cost effective solution if you require continuous offshore support. We implement specific quality/process frameworks as per your requirements. The teams are trained to meet your specifications. The resources are paid on a retainer basis.

Project based pricing or Fixed bid

A low risk option, which you can choose when the scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear. We offer Project based pricing in domains wherein we have well defined estimation tools to determine the resource commitments.

Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, on target.


How and Where to Pay: We will provide the information so that you can wire payments to our bank or mail a check to our bank. Wiring is the normal means by which most businesses make their payments.

Invoice Schedule: We send invoices by e-mail on or near the 1st and 15th of each month.

Payment Schedule: Payments must be made within three days of receiving the e-mail invoice.

Hourly Rates: Some projects are billed by the hour. We expect payment at the end of a billing period rather than at the end of a phase of work.

Client/Server Application Development:

We develop cost-effective and flexible client/server applications with user-friendly interfaces. The secure systems designed by Webinfoservices are robust, easy to maintain and scalable.

An open and rapid flow of information is crucial for the operation of businesses. For complete satisfaction of your clients your company should process and distributes the right information at the right time.

A client/server applications that has the ability to input, process, store and access data from any device is the need of the day. They are used when multiple users are accessing an application at the same time. These applications can be launched from your start menu and a server application that runs on the server. With the help of client/server applications that can be used from any platform are developed.

As a result, you get the tool that helps you manage vast amounts of data in the most efficient

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