HyperVocal is a news and opinion website based in New York City and Washington D.C. that provides a combination of serious and comical takes on the daily news cycle. They bill themselves as "purveyors of the vital and the viral, online hunters and gatherers of what’s out there you need to see and read".[1] It covers a wide variety of topics, including politics, media, culture, music, sports, and entertainment.

Founded in 2010, HyperVocal is the flagship site for the HyperVocal Network, which also includes Headlines That Suck,[2] Weeping Elvis,[3] Distriction,[4] Spike The Water Cooler,[5] We For President,[6] and StartUp RockOn.[7]


HyperVocal was founded by Slade Sohmer and Lee Brenner in October, 2010.[8]

In 2012, Cooper Fleishman joined the HyperVocal team as Managing Editor.[9]


HyperVocal curates content from around the web and adds its own spin, but it also publishes original content and breaks news stories. On March 20, 2012, Distriction broke a story about President Barack Obama using sign language to communicate with a deaf constituent.[10] The story was re-tweeted by President Obama.

Much of the HyperVocal content is humorous, but it publishes serious articles as well, particularly for the political section and the HyperVocal Network Washington D.C. news website, Distriction[11] In describing the website's content, Washington Life wrote: "The website, which went live about a year ago, is home to some of the most absurd, addictive news around".[12] Mediaite describes the HyperVocal Network news aggregator Headlines That Suck[13] as “'a nonsense aggregator and comedic curator for online audiences that are sick of the noise in news,' as well as a means of allowing readers aggravated with overly punny, horrifying or obviously link-baity (technical term) to vent and share a laugh instead of burning their laptops and yelling obscenities".[14]


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