A hyperlink virus is a virus that automatically injects hyperlinks into websitess in a way that's not supposed to be possible, possibly only websites when using Internet Explorer. They're actually internet viruses rather than computer viruses since they hack websites by injecting links rather than tricking people into downloading a virus that makes them see those links. There are 5 hyperlink viruses, the one powered by BestSaveForYou, the one powered by ArcadeYum, the one powered by NewSaver, the one powered by SiaveMass, and the one powered by FinddBestDeael. Clicking one of those hyperlinks from the one powered by BestSaveForYou opened the BestSaveForYou search results for that phrase destroying the hyperlink on that computer in the process, and that hyperlink virus possibly only injected hyperlinks websites. It sometimes capitalized the hacked phrases and sometimes didn't. That virus is now completely blocked. Later the other hyperlink virus that only hacks Google Chrome got made. It hacks Blogger and Wikipedia including 'encyclopedia' from the phrase 'From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'. Either a phrase in a specific location in an article that sometimes gets hyperlinked by either of those 2 viruses doesn't necessarily always get hyperlinked or it sometimes takes a very long time for the hyperlink to load.
Hyperlink virus

Hyperlink virus

Hyperlink virus with capitalization

Hyperlink virus with capitalization

Hacked websites

Hacked phrases

  • algorithm
  • back up
  • blind to
  • cartridge
  • completely
  • computer
  • credit
  • credit card
  • credit card information
  • college
  • deals
  • disabling
  • eat
  • encyclopedia
  • family
  • flight
  • food
  • get started
  • glasses
  • invent
  • mowing
  • music
  • my own business
  • Minecraft
  • opened
  • paintings
  • play
  • position
  • remove viruses
  • security manager
  • slows down pc
  • start
  • system
  • the stock
  • web browsers
  • website hosting

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