Michael Hunter Burlingame is a 22 year old male that is from Kennewick, WA.

Young Life

As a kid Hunter was always looked at as a guy with a lot of potential, passion, hope, etc. Went to church every Sunday never partied, drake, or did drugs.

High School

Hunter started his high school career at Kamiakin High. It was so bad for him there that he had to transfer to Southridge High. His sophmore year concsited of getting to meet people. Hunter made the tennis team which was not a hard thing to do. He was one of the worst on there. He completed 2 years of tennis. He never drank, or partied the whole time.

== "College" ==Example Hunter has a funny start in college. He went to a college called CBC. Dropped out within 1 quarter.


"WIlliams The Jet Terry, "Chris Griffin, "being 25 to rent out a hotel" are some of hunters most recent quotes.


== Paleness === ==[[File:--Drizzyoxoxo (talk) 10:49, 26 June 2012 (UTC)Example.jpg]]

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Hes pretty damn pale. [1]


  1. Ehh
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