Need for Patient Education on how to use inhalers correctly:

Clinical Studies have proved that a Large proportion of patients prescribed inhaled medication do not use their inhalers correctly. Overall up to 90% of Asthma patients show incorrect inhaler techniques. Asthma patient's inhaler techniques can be significantly improved by providing step by step instructions on the correct technique and reinforcing them at a regular interval to ensure that the medicines are being taken effectively.

Common Problems:

1. Correct inhaler technique depends on the inhaler types, medicine characteristics and patient's ability to perform the correct technique. 2. Patients fail to detect when the inhaler is nearly empty continuing to use the inhaler without medication. 3. Poor maintenance of inhalers or spacers results in failure of medicine reaching the lungs effectively. 4. A substantial body of evidence shows that incorrect inhaler technique is common among elderly people with Asthma and COPD.

Respiratory Therapists, Asthma Educators and Care providers can help in educating patients on the correct use of inhalers by guiding the patients to learn step by step instructions provided in an audio-visual interactive mode for the patients to easily understand and practice with the onscreen instructor.

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