House Luminous
Logo of House Luminous
Motto Lucidum Intervallum (Latin)[1]
Motto in English To have a bright moment in the Midst of Chaos[1]
Vision Luminous is a diverse and value based dayhouse dedicated to give every student a holistic experience in student life on Tuks. We will partake in all activities of Tuks in such a way that we will shine our light and set the example for all of Tuks to follow.[1]
Mission Our mission is to give every student at university a chance to meet people who are going through the same phase's as they are. Luminous wants to give students the chance to participate in all areas of interest, such as sport, culture, social, academics etc. We want to create an environment in which the student can feel safe to ask for advice in any area.[1]
Values[1] To live life to the fullest
To live life with the utmost integrity
Respect for each other
Unity and Inclusivity
Mascot Griffin
Established January 28, 2011 (2011-01-28) (6 years ago)[2]
Founder Bernhard Breytenbach
Offices Castello 1-9, University of Pretoria[3]
Location Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
EC 2012
Chairperson Bernhard Breytenbach[4]
Vice Chair & Secretary Bonolo Seboka[4]
Vice Chair & Fundraising Dirk van Velden[4]
Treasurer Benjamin Oberholzer[4]
Membership Fees First Years: R400
Seniors: R300[5]
Members First Years: >190
Senior Members: >40
Total Members: >230
Colours Black, Red & Gold               

House Luminous is a diverse and value driven Day House at the University of Pretoria. It was established to provide day students with educational support and ability to participate in organised student life. The application forms for the establishment were approved on 28 February 2011. The house has grown since then and currently accommodates over 200 students. Luminous is at present the fourth, and newest addition to the Day House family.


In 2010, the University of Pretoria realized that there are too few Day Houses, and allowed for a new Day House to be formed. At that time, Duncan Platt was part of the Student Representative Council, and at the end of 2010, he came to hear about this opportunity. However, because of his position in the SRC, he wasn't allowed to chair a Day House, and thus looked for another candidate who would. Bernhard Breytenbach was asked to help form a team to run the Day House, and set up the application forms, which included, amongst others, the name, mission, vision, values and logo. In the end, Bernhard Breytenbach became the first Chairperson of Luminous.

The application was approved by the University of Pretoria on 28 January 2011 14:00, one day before welcoming day, under the name Metaphos, which was later changed to Luminous.

Student Culture


In 2012, Luminous participated in Ienkmelodienk for the first time. The House came first in the Mixed category, and 9th overall.



Luminous wasn't assigned a RAG partner as the rotation schedule was set up before they started. Luminous asked to joined forces with Asterhoff and helped with the building of their float.


Luminous and Curltizia were RAG partners. They came 12th in the Procession.

A new table has been drawn up to accommodate all the new residences that weren't added to the previous table.


According to the new RAG rotation schedule, Luminous will RAG with Jasmyn in 2013.







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