Hooper Selection

Screenshot from the original demo video on youtube

Hooper Selection is a method of cursor movement and text selection for tablet devices, designed with the goal of making text editing more efficient. It consists of a set of gestures the user can make over the system keyboard to adjust the cursor or selection position. Its convenience stems from the fact that it allows the user to navigate around the text without having to move their hands away from the keyboard area or incur tap-and-hold delays when beginning a cursor drag action.


Cursor movement: To move the cursor, the user simply drags their finger across the keyboard in any direction. A one-finger drag moves the cursor slowly, and a two-finger drag moves the cursor faster, placing cursor at word boundaries.

Text selection: To select text, the user holds down the shift key while dragging across the keyboard in the same manner as above. As with cursor movement, the dragging speed depends on whether one or two fingers are used.


Developers of the following applications and Jailbreak extensions have announced their own implementations of the concept:

The following libraries implement the idea in a fashion that can be reused in other applications:

  • SelectWithSwipes [6]
  • SlideSelection [7]


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