Holy Family Regional Class of 2012

         Holy Family Regional is a school located in Commack, NY. The class had an amazing 2012 

graduate class with great memories to share. The class includes: Caitlin, Erin, Courtney, Vanessa E, Vanessa Z, Natalie M, Natalie T, Rebecca, Katie, Amanda, Sophia, Valerie, Nicolette, Grace, Kathryn,

Zoe,Christina, Stephanie, Taylor, John, Johnny, Joseph, Juan, Jimmy, Brandon, Michael, Connor, and
         So of course the class had some great memories. When we were in lockdown, Duckie, the
Spanish soap opera, Mr. Strange making Jimmy look up the word no in the dictionary, paint spilling
on Valerie, Zoe arm wrestling Juan, NBFEL, the light up thumbs, Joe dressing up as Mr. Bligh for
Heroes Day, setting the record for the most names on the board and many more. 
         Then the class had the Class Favorites. Pet-dog, teacher-Mrs. Gilhuley, subject-math,
lunch-pizza, actor-Adam Sandler, actress-Megan Fox, female singer-Lady Gaga, male singer-Eminem,
store-Abercrombie and Fitch, holiday-Christmas, TV channel-MTV, sport-soccer, NY sports team-Jets, 

vacation spot-Hawaii, song-Party Rock Anthem, and movie-Toy Story.

         So that's all that I have to say. If you would like to comment below, feel free with your name and
you can add something about memories that we had. Thank you!
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