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Hobart Quantum is a Weighing Supermarket Scale, is the successor of Hobart SP Series, Made in United States of America by Hobart Corporation, this scale have an ATM Style Console, capacity of approximately 6,000 PLU's (2.5 MB RAM) and NSF[disambiguation needed] Certified, is the leading service scale in United States, Canada and Mexico.

Print Fields Available for Labels

  • Store Name & Addresses - 2 Lines
  • Barcode - Portrait Top or Botton
  • Barcode - Lanscaped Left or Right
  • PLU Description - Up to 4 lines
  • FDA Nutri-Data Template
  • Expanded Text - Up to 108 lines
  • Net Weight - in Ounces, Pounds or Kilograms
  • Time
  • Tare
  • Operator ID
  • Operator Name
  • Special Message - Up To 108 lines
  • Mercandishing Graphic
  • Sell-By
  • Packed-On
  • Product Life
  • Freeze-By
  • Weight/Count
  • Unit Price
  • Total Price
  • Store ID
  • Customer Store Graphic Logo

Optional Accessories

  • Fish Platter
  • Candy Scoop
  • Wide label cassette 2¼ wide
  • Narrow label cassette 1½ wide
  • 2 MB RAM
  • NSW HWS printer post, bracket and scale support.
  • Computer, IBM XT-Type Keyboard
  • Print Head Cleaning Kit
  • Disk Player/Recorder - external back-up disk drive
  • Keyboard Adapter for AT and PS/2 style - KYBADP-ATPS2
  • 300 lb. weigher platform - QUANTHC1
  • Flash Upgrade - upgrade operating system and add features via your network

Some Stores using this scale

United States


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