Hidden Ceremony are a soon to be famous boy band consisting of members Jake Jones, Drake Turner, Tommy Smith, Drew Styles. They signed to Max Jefferis record label Records after being formed with new members Tommy Smith and Drake Turner after a recent band two man band died. In November 2011, Hidden Ceremony released their debut album living on nothing, which became one fastest-selling debut album of the year.[3]living on nothing spawned the Official UK Singles Chart top 100 singles Hidden Ceremony do not yet have a tour formed, there is talk as soon as they finish school they will be touring around the cities of the UK. Cities including London, Manchester and Stockport.[7] Hidden Ceremony has endorsements with Nokia, HarperCollins and Hasbro. In April 2012.[8] They have been described as sparking a resurgence in the boy band concept, and are becoming part of a new loved boy band which is only going to grow.

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