Hibi Chouchou is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Morishita Suu which began its serialization in Shueisha's Margaret magazine.


Suiren is very popular because of her cute and elegant appearance. Despite this, she doesn't talk to people with words, but instead, she just nods/shakes her head when answering to other peoples questions. All the guys in her new school looks at her, but one particular boy does not look her way and refuses to make eye contact with her. She starts to take a liking to this boy, who is, just like her, quiet and shy.


Shibaseki Suiren - a shy and quite girl, she is a first-year student in a co-ed high school. She is popular among the students because of her cute appearance. Despite this, Suiren finds it hard to express what she truly wants to say to other people, going as far as talking to people in her head. She is called the "Takane No Hana" because they say she is a girl whose beauty can not be reached.

Kawasumi Kouha - a shy and quiet guy, he is also a first-year student in a co-ed high school where Suiren also goes to. He wears glasses.



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