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Herzl was born Jacob (1835 - 1902), dealer wealthy and bank and Janet (1836 - 1911 ) to Diamant. Grandson Simon Live Herzl (1805 - 1879) and his wife Rebecca (1809 - 1888) to Willis, and Herman Diamant (1805 - 1871) and his wife Johanna Katrina (1806 - 1872) to Abeles.

Childhood and youth

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Herzl second child born to his parents Jacob and Janet to Diamant. His paternal grandfather was - community of Rabbi Yehuda Alcalay from precursors of Zionism. [1] Apparently the father was descended from Portuguese Jews Herzl. [2][3], and a descendant of the popular Rabbi Joseph Taitatzak {{Note | according to the testimony of Herzl his confidant journalist Aaron Marcus Hamburg, from "Conversations Hartzi"h" " decorations priests ", 126. from Thessaloniki.


Paulina (1858 - 1877), older sister of Theodore, died at age 19 of the disease climbing, believe his death was the reason for moving the family from Budapest to Vienna.


At the age of 26 fell in love with 13-year-old girl Herzl called Madeleine Kurtz, wrote in his diary that it was "only true love", and wrote, "is sweet, sweet, sweet ... her precious golden hair, golden ... I did not know the mind, I could not treat her as an adult and say that I love her. "This page has been cited as a source in the mainstream press. See Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source for details.

after Madeleine died from an illness at a young age Herzl developed feelings for the daughter of Dr Liwizon, editor of the Berliner Tageblatt ', but decided sever the connection that her father was converted and she was born a Christian.


Julia (called Julie and Julie) to Naschauer (Naschauer) [[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] 1868 - 1907, born on 1 February 1868, daughter of Jacob (1837-1894 ) and Johanna (1843-1900). Theodor married on June 25 1889.

For his many Zionist movement, Herzl did not devote time or resources to stay with his family. Julia died, probably because of heart disease, in 1907, at age 39, three years after her husband, after suffering from depression and was hospitalized in Institution mentally ill, was cremated at her request, and where her ashes is unknown.


Julia and Theodor Herzl had three children, his will, his friends told Herzl that David Wolfson, Moritz Ritz'fld and Johan Kreminski be appointed as guardians of his children, with the death of Herzl realized that issued the dowry Julia's and that he left his family without adequate revenue sources (Paulina was then 14 years old, 13 years old Hans and Trude was 11), the responsibility for young orphans (both economically) accepted the Zionist movement and appointing guardians for his children.


Herzl's daughter, her Hebrew name is desired, born on 29 March 1890, a great number of romantic relationships married Joseph whippet, but divorced shortly afterwards, severed ties with her family and guardians appointed by Herzl, suffered May - congestive heart failure, was hospitalized several times in a psychiatric institution at the age of 39 was admitted to hospital in Bordeaux, France, where she died as a result of giving an overdose of painkiller Morphine on 8 September [ [1930]]. Despite the instructions in her will to be buried next to her father in Vienna decided her family and the Jewish community to her grave in Bordeaux.


'Hans Herzl' - the second son of Herzl was born on 10 June 1891, Herzl gave him Hebrew, nor Mel him (after the death of Herzl, the Jewish community organized a ceremony circumcision and gave him the name Simon), when Theodor Herzl died Hans was 13 years old.

According to the wishes of Herzl, sent Hans to study Jewish religious boarding school in England, when his mother died he returned to Vienna, collapsed because of feelings of guilt for not being with his mother in her last days and was hospitalized in a sanatorium, after his release he returned to his studies in England, which finished successfully.

Hans was the University, during World War I joined the British Army, released on 1919 not found a purpose in life and made a living primarily from the translation writings of his father, at age 24 converted and joined Baptist, he converted several times (tried the Catholic Church, Protestant, Baptist, the Unitarian and Quaker), and finally returned to Judaism. Hans had never married, when he heard his sister's fatal illness Paulina left his business and went to Bordeaux returned to France control. After spending the bed and saw that the situation is improving, returned to Britain where he received the news that his sister died. He returned to Bordeaux again and killed himself on 15 September 1930 week gunshot death of Pauline, 38 years old. Hans asked his body and his sister's body will be buried together in Vienna. In his will, in which he explained that he committed suicide because of the sense of failure, proposed to raise the bodies of his father, his sister and his body, along with his mother's ashes buried in Israel.

Late Zionist book which came out in 1953 published by Sheila states that suicide resulted from a broken heart, following his love for the daughter of the Earl of perhaps his city. She was 15 and - 38, and the situation that Hans preferred to end his life. Cause of suicide is also a booklet published in Vienna in 1966 - 1967, but pool is not known.

Margarete Gertrude

'Margarete Gertrude Herzl' known aliases busy ', which was also the Jewish name unraveling - the third daughter of Herzl and his wife, Julia, was born in Paris in - 20 May 1893, she was 11 when the death of her father, after the death of her mother, when she was 14, she was sent to live with her aunt, my aunt made her disconnect from her peers and forbade her to bring friends home, so immersed busy own reading books (mainly novels and novels), Trude studied at the University Teaching French, after the death of the wife of guardianship - Wolfson, moves into his house and helped him in managing the household and affairs of the Zionist movement, participated Tenth Congress in Basel ([[1913] ]).

At 1916 suffered a breakdown, partly because of her connection with her brother, Hans, was cut off due to being a soldier in the army of an enemy (British Army), and she was hospitalized for a time in a convalescent home for patients nervous Bbrohl.

Trude was the only children of Herzl founded on 23 April 1917 family (married a Czech Jewish textile industrialist Richard Neumann, who was divorced and her senior by 27 years, a member of the Custodian of Herzl's children - Maurice Richard Peled) and a girl on 1918 Herzl's only grandson. Shortly after birth, she was sent to several months to the mental hospital "Ainzrsdorf" Vienna.

In the following years the couple tried to separate Neumann, got back together, and all the time was preoccupied at times hospitalized in a mental hospital. Position was undermined following the death of two brothers, Pauline and Hans, and from - 1931 She was admitted to hospital Ainzrsdorf regularly.

At 1940, in the forced separation of the Jews from the general population, was transferred to the psychiatric hospital of the Jewish Fokrsdorf, and - 1941 with closure of all Jewish institutions was transferred to a public psychiatric hospital.

September 1942, when the Nazis evacuated the inmates Jews Psychiatric Hospital of Vienna, she was sent to Theresienstadt, where she remained in the camp hospital six months before she died (probably from hunger) on 15 March [ [1943]]. Cremated.


Trude's son, Stephen Theodore Herzl family last child, was born on 21 April in 1918. Due to the rise of Nazism was sent to 1933 to study at a boarding school in England, received British citizenship and changed his name from "Neumann" Norman "(according to another version L"monro"). Served during World War II in India officer in the Artillery Corps of the British Army after his release on 1945, on the way from India to England, visited the Land of Israel <span class="citation wikicite" id="endnote_ Stephen Theodore Norman ">[[#ref_ Stephen Theodore Norman |^]]</span> and received with respect and sympathy, received offers to settle in the country (both kibbutzim and associations). answer was weighed after pickpockets his position in the army. He was assigned as an appendix to the Colonial Ministry of Science British British embassy in Washington. Having learned of the death of his parents in the Holocaust, committed suicide by jumping off a bridge on Massachusetts Avenue on November 25 1946.

Raising his children and grandson bones Israel

On 19 September 2006, an official ceremony, were the bones of Hans and Paulina Jewish cemetery in Bordeaux and the next day, on 20 September buried In piece Home World Zionist Organization and the Herzl in Mount Herzl near the grave of their father. (Herzl's second daughter, busy, died in Holocaust and was cremated). Reburial of Herzl's children and the realization of the last will and testament has been on the public agenda by Dr. Ariel Feldstein. Dr. Feldstein was first exposed the long-standing disregard for the will of Herzl. Whereas the bones of Herzl, his parents and his sister, Pauline took care increases to Israel immediately after the establishment of the state, a delegation was sent to Vienna after November 1947, ignored the part of the will which Herzl wanted to get buried in the Jewish state to the other descendants take the world up to that time. Dr. Feldstein was able to persuade the government of Israel and the Zionist correct the historical injustice, moral and legal. Operations research and public and consent of the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, Chairman - Head of the World Zionist Organization, Zeev Bielski and Rabbi Shlomo Amar, first mark, paved the way for the execution of the will. [[#ref_ Template:Country data Vered Levy - Brazil|^]]

In - 5 December 2007 bones were brought Herzl's grandson, Stephen Norman, renewed burial alongside his family. [[#ref_ Template:Country data Anshel Pfeffer|^]]


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