Heroes and Villains Entertainment, LLC is a Hollywood based production and management company.


Founded in November 2007,[1] Heroes and Villains Entertainment specializes in content creation for film, TV, video games, comic books, and the Internet as well as the representation of content creators in those areas.


Heroes and Villains Entertainment represents a wide range of writers in film, TV and literature. Among them are:



Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con International Convention in 2009, Tracker is a five issue comic book mini series written by Jonathan Lincoln with art by Francis Tsai, Derec Donovan and Abhishek Malsuni. It tells the story of an FBI agent named Alex O’Roark, whose pursuit of a serial killer leads him to unexplored territory when its revealed the killer is also a werewolf. [6]


Debuted at San Diego Comic-Con International Convention in 2011, Epoch is a five issue comic book mini series written by Kevin McCarthy, with art by Paolo Pantalena and Jorge Fares. The main character, NYPD Detective Jonah Wright discovers his supernatural heritage while investigating the murder of his partner Michael. To expose the killer, Jonah must compete in EPOCH, an ancient fighting tournament that will determine the future of humanity. [7]


First released in May 2011, Netherworld is a five issue comic book mini series written by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin, with art by Tony Shasteen. The plot revolves around Ray Parker, a bounty hunter who just wants to do his job and be left alone, but when he's charged with finding and protecting a missing girl, he finds out that they're all souls trapped in a hellish version of Purgatory, and the girl is their last hope for escaping it. [8]

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