Herb Coy (born July 10, 1978), also known as Rippingshrapnel (A nickname he created and used on first person shooters, is an American entertainer and YouTube personality.

Early Life

Herb was born on July 10, 1978, in [[Washington C.H., Ohio] He is the Son of Elizabeth Coy, a Homemaker, and Herbert Coy Jr, a Steel worker. Throughout his Teens and early 20's, Herb started his interest in MMA. Fighting in the style of Kempo Tai kwon do. He dabbled with Boxing and kickboxing on and off during his 4 years of fighting. A injury in early 2000's took him out of the fighting scene. With a void for the exciement and thrill of fighting Herbert started his interests in pistols and shooting in general.


Herb was able to find an outlet in the video game industry in the mid 2000's. He started out using the tag HCOY, but was frustrated when noone could pronounce his name. After a year he changed his name to Rippingshrapnel for his love of shooting and first person shooters that he played on the [[XBOX] Network. The name seemed to pickup kind of quick with friends and foes both. Known for his forked tongue and ability to get under the skin of many competitors Herbert took gaming seriously and found gaming as an extreme stress reliever. Herb took the name Rippingshrapnel to Youtube in Early 2011 uploading pictures of video game play from his nights playing xbox. Soon to follow he started uploading his videos from when he would go out and start shooting with friends.

== Shooting == Herb love for guns in his early 20's started out with pistols. In 2010 an automotive company that he worked for asked him to a company pheasant hunting trip. This trip sparked is interst in Shotguns. Herbert was taught proper shotgun and hunting techniques from his childhood and long time friend John Yerian. Having never really hunted, or using a shotgun extensively Herbert found himself skeet shooting at shooting ranges and learning the skill. After the going to the shooting ranges and practicing skeet shooting Herbert found a new interest, which can often be found on his youtube channel. In Early 2011 Herbert added Archery shooting to his range visits. Buying a compound bow Herbert wanted to extend his hunting capabilities.



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  • [1], Rippingshrapnel' YouTube channel
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