The following are biochemical markers used in the diagnosis of hepatitis:

Hepatitis A

Marker Detection Time Description Significance Note
HAV-specific IgM - - Recent infection of virus -
Total HAV antibody (IgG & IgM) - Enzyme Immunoassay for antibodies Positive test demonstrates previous exposure to HAV -

Data taken from Medline Plus[1] and labtests online[2].

Hepatitis C

Marker Detection Time Description Significance Note
HCV-RNA 1-3 weeks PCR Demonstrates presence or absence of virus Results may be intermittent during course of infection. Negative result is not indicative of absence.
anti-HCV 5-6 weeks Enzyme Immunoassay for antibodies Demonstrates past or present infection High false positive in those with autoimmune disorders and populations with low virus prevelence.
ALT 5-6 weeks - Peak in ALT coincides with peak in anti-HCV Fluctuating ALT levels is an indication of active liver disease.

Data taken from the WHO website on Hepatitis C.[3]


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