Helen Bousquet (1950-2012) is an American writer, songwriter, producer, and the mother of singer Brian Evans. She is best known for her work as the co-producer of the music video "At Fenway," which is a song that her son wrote to honor The Boston Red Sox. The song is produced by Narada Michael Walden. She is also the co-author of "Horrorscope," a novel based on a story created by her son. She is also the author of "Helen's Tarot," a book to be published in 2013.

Early Childhood

Helen Marie Bousquet was born on January 21, 1950, to William and Betty Wilson in Ipswich, Massachusetts. As a young girl, she enjoyed dancing and writing. In the late 1960's, she met William Evans, and together they had one son, Brian Evans.

Her Work With Her Son

Helen Bousquet aided her son in his career in the late 1980's by working as a Certified Nurses Aid to help fund his career. She would buy his supplies, pay for his headshots, and drive him to various auditions. She completely supported him until he landed various opportunities in Canada with the release of "Brian Evans - Quite Frankly," in 1996, which debuted at #1 nationally on the independent charts in Canada. Helen Bousquet is the inspiration behind the forthcoming novel "Horrorscope," which is based on her. She is also credited as a co-writer on the forthcoming novel. She co-produced the music video "At Fenway," which remains the only song ever to be written about the park, by her son, to be licensed by Major League Baseball, as is the music video. Bousquet also has several projects that her son intends on having published in 2013.

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Helen Bousquet wrote the song "Croonerman," a song her son intends on recording under his producer, multiple Grammy Award winning producer Narada Michael Walden. Walden is the producer of such artists as Whitney Houston, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder. Bousquet also wrote her son's next sports-related track, "Fast Car, Nascar," which also include a music video by the same name.

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The Holy Family Hospital

Helen Bousquet died on October 5th, 2012, following what was supposed to be a routine knee surgery. Despite knowing she had a condition called "Sleep Apnea," the hospital placed her in an unmonitored recovery room where she went into cardiac arrest without anyone in the hospital knowing it occurred. The hospital, owned by Steward Health Care System of Boston, has been under fire ever since. On December 10th, nurses from the hospital protested the hospital regarding the lack of nurses on staff to care for patients. Massachusetts state senators William Brownsberger and Bruce Tarr have been aiding Evans in investigating the matter, along with U.S. Senator John Kerry. She was 62. Bousquet was placed on the home page of The American Sleep Apnea Association on December 25th as a "tragic death." Her son initiated a media blitz after she passed away, filing a police report with the Methuen Police Department in Methuen, Massachusetts seeking criminal charges for negligent homicide. Her son is now seeking to create a law before Congress making it a requirement that all patients with pre-existing conditions be monitored in their recovery rooms following any surgery until discharge.


The State Senate of Massachusetts awarded Helen Bousquet a Citation for her work with her son, Brian Evans, in 2006.

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The Nascar Song

Helen Bousquet wrote the lyrics to the song "Fast Car, Nascar," which will be recorded by her son, Brian Evans, in 2013. The song was written by hand in 2012.


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