Heathergt Braveheart

Heathergt Braveheart is and always will be a wonderful impact on all the people who knew and loved her especially her husband who's Real Life name is unknown but his Second Life name is JamieH Scribe.

Heather had a huge impact on everyone in Second Life whether they gave her grief or loved her, she had the patience and strength which most people loved and always will. She believed that everyone could be born again and a Christian under God's mighty power and love.

If Heather was here with us all to this very day she would say "I love you all so much"

Heather had so much passion for what she did and she will know that we will all carry on with her legacy.


Heathergt Braveheart Born: October 25 2008 Died: June 3, 2012 Cause of Death: Stroke

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