Robert Sanford Havoc Pennington (born c. 1976) is an American computer engineer and entrepreneur.

He is known in the free software community due to his work on HAL (software), GNOME, Metacity, GConf, and D-BUS.


He is a 1998 graduate of the University of Chicago.

He was one of the main developers of Debian GNU/Linux, and also founded the project in 2000.

He was a Red Hat Desktop manager/engineer for 9 years, ending in 2008.

He promoted the idea of the Gnome Online Desktop in 2007.[citation needed]

At some point,[when?] he led the development of the 2006-2009 Mugshot project.

From 2008 until June 2011, he worked on a consumer product for the startup company Litl (hardware, and proprietary software and services).

Since, he works for TypeSafe.


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