Hasit Vibhakar is an American entrepreneur and private equity investor. He is the Founder and now chairman and chief executive officer of Telesis Technology Corporation,he is best known for having led the company from start up mode to IPO. In 2006 the company had a market capitalization of $ 40M USD. In 2006, the company announced it was being investigated and a certain governmental agency was conducting an inquiry of the founder and the company business practices. In 2008 the founder and the company successfully emerged from such investigations with the matter being settled in 2009 when Hasit Vibhakar agreed to pay a $2.8 million penalty and fine. After settling with the government, the founder and CEO, Hasit Vibhakar uprooted Telesis Technology Corporation and announced the relocation of the company to India.

Based on the website and recent interview with Indian Money Control TV network, the company currently has revenues of 214Crore (40M USD). The company has thrived under it's new home in India compatred to it's struggles in the US regulated markets. The company boasts 93 Employees based on its website and intervies.

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