The Harvard Satyrical Press is a graduate student humor publication founded in 2003 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Published twice a year, the Harvard Satyrical Press (HSP), was originally inspired by The Onion, and aimed to adopt its humor style for a more science-oriented Harvard-based audience. HSP was founded in 2003 by a group of Astronomy graduate students at Harvard, and is currently Harvard University's only official graduate student humor magazine, sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and the Harvard Graduate Student Council.

The major objective of the HSP is to publish a high quality, satirical humor magazine run by Harvard graduate students, but with contributions also encouraged from students in the professional schools and from undergraduates. The magazine's belief is that a little more comedy is a crucial ingredient towards improving the quality of life of students in the GSAS, and the Harvard student community at large. The magazine, which began as a website only, has been distributing printed issues around Harvard campus each semester since 2004. HSP is largely directed towards GSAS students, although it also accepts submissions from Harvard students outside GSAS, and has a growing audience that extends well beyond Harvard.

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