Harrison High School All Year Reunion and Its History.

In February 2009 alumni from Harrison High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado formed a HHS All Year Reunion Committee. The goal was to host the school’s first ever, All ‘Class’ Reunion, highlighting classmates, teachers and staff from the late 1950’s up through the present year.

That first reunion was a success. The committee had planned for at least 300, hoped for 500 and was pleased when over 1000 of their old HHS friends came through those doors.

The idea that sparked this endeavor, were comments made from some fellow HHS alumni back in 2008. Those individuals included, Connie King, Michael Wilson, Darrin Sevilla and Stacy Triplett. That discussion took place on a site called They tossed out the idea of hosting a reunion that covered multiple decades.

However, the conversations did not go much further than that until finally, Michael Wilson stated that if this were to happen they would need a website that they could freely access and chat without being censored or charged a fee.

Not knowing any of these individuals, Teila Carroll Tankersley was reading these posts and decided to take Michael Wilson [1] up on this idea and she decided to set up a site so they could do just that. So she created an account on "My space", and began emailing invites to HHS Alumni. Within a month they had nearly one hundred and fifty members.

At this point, two additional members were recruited to help with the site. Teila recruited Christine (Baxter) Wheeler-Moore from the class of 1986 and Jackie Vazquez Maldonado class of 1981.

The site continued to grow and was receiving positive feedback. Then in November 2008, Darrin Sevilla announced that it was time for the website to organize a committee and begin planning the long awaited, “HHS All Class Reunion.” They officially came together in person in January 2009. They met upstairs in the Fargo’s Pizza Parlor off Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

That evening the group elected Michael Wilson from the class of 1973 as their President. (Even though Michael was absent for that first meeting. The committee phoned him to tell him that he'd been nominated and he accepted that evening via cell phone.) Darrin Sevilla from the class of 1983 was voted in as Vice President, and Debra Lawson Jedynak class of 1984 was elected to serve as their Treasurer. Teila Carroll Tankersley class of 1981 was elected Webmaster and became manager of the website and emails. Last but not least, they voted in Michael McGee Class of 1982 to be their Entertainment Coordinator. (Later in 2010 Mike McGee went on to replaced Darrin as our VP) Within a few weeks, of forming that meeting the committee began aggressively making plans for their first All Year Reunion. In the meantime, Teila Tankersley stumbled across a site called class creators and began setting up a new website, The committee saturated the city with the news that HHS alumni had an official site.

The idea took off and sparked a lot of interest. It couldn’t have been accomplished without all the help of the hard working multi-generational committee members that included Troy Rotramel class of 1982 and his high school sweetheart Donna Rotramel class of 1983, David Wead from the class of 1972, Debbie Trujillo Matthews class of 1986, and Sorina Williams class of 1999.

Alumni from the earlier graduating classes came forward and helped out immensely. Those individuals included: Alan Oppenlander, Pat Smith and Ron Roehrich, Oren and Louise McClure.

Joining in on the fun were Casey Parker class of 1981, Jackie Vazquez Maldonado class of 1981, Stacy Triplett 1991 and Sylvia Olivares class of 1972. The committee planned and hosted the first ever HHS All Year Reunion in 2009. Due to the success of the 2009 Reunion the committee began making plans to establish itself as the official Harrison High School Alumni Association.

The committee has donated money to a variety of groups within the school. Their goal is to continue to create a positive school spirit within the community and to unite its alumni. This is not your ordinary reunion committee, this is a committee that wants to give back to their school and their desire is to create a sense of community.

The HHS All Year Reunion (HHSYR) website has become a place where alumni can check in to find out the latest in reunion news. In fact, the plans are to host an All Year Reunion every three years. The next one will be hosted the weekend of July 20, 21 & 22nd in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They will continue to be hosted in three year intervals - 2009, 2012, 2015 and so forth.

The committee encourages alumni to share their ideas and to help in their Alma Mata.

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