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Happyland is one of the countries in the United Palace. It was originally called Happland until 1209. It takes it's name from the toy product "Happyland" It has over 130 cities (mainly in the south) and 67 countryside areas (mainly in Greendale) The capital city, Pencaster, looks a lot like London, UK. Happyland's population is around 29 million, around 67% of population in the UP. The north and south of Happyland are surrounded by sea. The east and west are surrounded by countries. English is Happyland's main language.


Most of Happyland's people are Christians

Christian 89.9%

Jewish 1.2%

Sikh 1.1%

Judaism 0.6%

Muslim 0%


The Happyland is mainly in the south of the United Palace. Happyland has 7 rivers. The longest river is River Gordon. The biggest city is Pencaster with over 50 skyscrapers. The tallest skyscraper is Shard Pencaster Tower, standing at 500 metres. The shortest skyscraper is the Nanny Tower, standing at 92 metres. The north of Happyland is mainly green and quiet with collosal houses costing around 5- 25 million pounds. You will normally see horses, sheep and cattle in the countryside.


The transport is similar to the transport in London, UK. Route-masters were around until 2005 when new, modern buses came. The colour of the buses are mainly red but sometimes can be blue, yellow, white or purple. The taxi's are either black, blue or yellow. The are lot's of planes including Happyland Airways.


The country has a temperate climate. Temperatures don't really get below -5°C in winter and don't get higher than 45°C. The country has a lot of rain during November and a lot of sunshine during July & August.

                                    JAN   FEB   MAR   APR   MAY   JUN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV  DEC 
      Record High Temperature(°C):  18    21    24    31    36    40    43    45    39    30    21   11
      Record Low Temperature (°C): -14    -6    -2    0     2     4     9     10    7     5     0    -6
    Average High Temperature (°C):  8     9    11    15    19    22    23     26    21    15    10    7

     Average Low Temperature (°C):  3     5    6     7     10    12    14     17    13    9     4     2
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