Happy wheels is a flash game on totaljerkface for the full version and other websites for the demo version.It includes many characters but more will be coming soon.The game is so popular it gets a lot of plays each day for uploads for user levels.The characters are:

Wheelchair Guy:An old man in a wheelchair who has a jet turbine engine in the back to make him go fast but sometimes he will flip over and sometimes be a useless character if not used carefully.He wears torn up clothes and is kinda like a hobo.

Segway Guy:A man on a segway who is a useful character for sword throw levels and some others.But the major problem with him is his weak legs.Whenever he lands hard from a high spot his legs will break.He wears a shirt and tie and a helmet as some people use for safety.

Irresponsible Dad:A man on a bike with his son in the back in a car seat.Like the segway guy he wears a helmet because the bike can flip over and sometimes when knocked off the bike comes down out of nowhere and is a random bike.He wears a green shirt and shorts and his son wears an orange shirt and green shorts.

Effective Shopper:An obese woman who drives a motorized shopping cart that has a bunch of food in it like butter a coke and some other stuff.Like some vehicles in the game it can jump.Others are segway guy,lawnmower man and pogostick man.She is the last of the four original characters in the game.

Moped Couple:Two people on a motorcycle who of course are a couple.The husband drives the motorcycle while the wife holds on to him.They have a turbo on their bike sort of like the wheelchair guy.The husband wears a brown shirt and black pants.The wife wears a red shirt and a black dress.

Lawnmower Man:A black man on a lawn mower who uses it to ride around and sometimes kill people when he gets on top of them they are cut to shreds.When he is knocked off the lawnmower sometimes he is killed by being shredded.He wears a white shirt and blue pants.

Explorer Guy:A man in a mine cart who wears a hat like Indiana Jones and this guy uses the cart for railing to cling on to rails and another for speeding up through rail theme levels. We clearly can't see his lower body unless he is knocked out of the cart.He wears explorer clothes and on his feet are a shoe on one foot and a sock on another.He also wears shorts.

Santa Claus:He is a character added during the christmas season and rides the sleigh and has two elves as reindeer.One thing for the sleigh is that it can fly on tough spots and sometimes won't work if the elves are killed.

Pogostick Man:A man on a pogostick who is the latest character so far has a lot of abilities. He rolls crawls down and jumps really high by pressing the space bar.He is voiced by UberHaxorNova.

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