Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, master’s in GIS, master’s equivalent in civil engineering.

Over 13 years of advanced GIS experience. Consultant specializing in demographic GIS, Database Management Systems, and cartography. Experience involves development and deployment of enterprise- level Geographic Information Systems, including stand-alone applications and server platforms for data delivery. Passionate GIS professional seeking GIS Analyst position. Please Note: Permanent Green Card holder.

EDUCATION 2001 International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) – Enschede, Netherlands Master of Science in Geo-Information Management for Urban Planning Final Mark: Distinction Thesis Mark: Distinction Graduated: First in class

2001 Cairo University – Cairo, Egypt Master of Science Equivalent in Civil Engineering for Highway and Airport Design. Final Mark: Distinction

1996 The Egyptian Cabinet, Information Technology Institute (ITI) – High Diploma of Software Development Focus: GIS Platform

1993 Cairo University – Cairo, Egypt Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering for Highway and Airport Design. Final Mark: Very Good Project Mark: Distinction


Lead consultant for first-ever and second official census atlases for entire country of Saudi Arabia.

 Leader of 19 member team  Formal evaluation of existing mapping unit  Development and implementation of changes to software, hardware, human resources, and training  Prepare settings for newly introduced GIS  Create mapping census project schema and deploy digital mapping solution  Design database’s logical and physical structure  System analysis design for census data outputs  System development programming using VBA (ArcGIS)  Compile metadata specifications  Development and design for preliminary results and final results census atlas  Participation in design of mapping unit website:


Managed the development of a new GIS unit and prepared the specifications for all of its GIS hardware and software.

 Project leader of 12 member team  Review of GIS applications to select those with potential as contracting and construction GIS applications.  Major re-planning of slum area in Al-Salam City. Project included:  Design and deploy datasheet  Design and deploy database  Heavy implementation of ArcInfo Unix based for building topology  Heavy implementation of ArcView PC based for building interface  Management of construction phases and equipment mobility for Max Cement Factory in Alexandria, Egypt using ArcView  Research and execution of various GIS presentations  Created internet-based network called Regional Constructing & Contracting Network (RCCNet) which enabled efficient communication between producers and consumers via a series of interactive databases.  Web site development

OCTOBER 1996 – MARCH 1997 GIS SPECIALIST THE EGYPTIAN CABINET Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), Cairo, Egypt Participated in development of the official Giza Investments Atlas for the Giza governorate of Egypt. Designed databases for land usage, built topology for several ArcInfo coverage areas, programming with AML, and established interfaces.

APRIL 1994 – JANUARY 1996 HIGHWAYS ENGINEER DAR AL-HANDASAH CONSULTANTS, CAIRO, EGYPT Carried out engineering duties such as setting out, profiles, cross-sections, and grading. Participated in many projects including:  Al-Hada Roadway (10.8 km) – Saudi Arabia  Amman Aqaba Back Road – Amman, Jordan  Gardenia Park, Sixth October City - Egypt  Tiftel Interchange – Morocco  Sedi Allal Al-Bahrawi Interchange – Morocco FEBRUARY 1994 – APRIL 1994 TECHNICAL OFFICE ENGINEER ENGINEERING PROJECTS COMPANY (EPC), CAIRO, EGYPT General engineering responsibilities including cost analysis and evaluation on various projects including:  Water pipes at Al-Tal Al-Kabeer, Delingat, and others, Egypt  Ashlar works Helwan University and Port Said University, Egypt SEPTEMBER 1993 – JANUARY 1994 STRUCTURAL ENGINEER SAYID A. SALAM CONSULTANTS, CAIRO, EGYPT Analysis and design on many different reinforced concrete (RC) and steel structure projects including:  Steel extension at GMC factory, Egypt  Maadi Tower, Egypt  Gineedy Villa, Egypt PROJECTS PREPARATORY PHASE 2010 CENSUS ATLAS - SAUDI ARABIA

 GIS Budget (pre and post-census) : $2,00,000 (7,500,000 Saudi Riyals) 
 Funded by: Ministry of Finance
 Role: Lead GIS Consultant/Mapping Unit Division Leader
 2004 CENSUS ATLAS (PRE AND POST CENSUS) – SAUDI ARABIA                                                
 GIS Budget: $1,500,000 (6,500,000 Saudi Riyals)
 Funded by: Ministry of Finance
 Role: Chief GIS Consultant/Mapping Unit Division Leader
 REDEVELOPMENT OF SLUM AREA FOR AL-SALAM CITY                                                               
 Budget: $110,000 (600,000 Egyptian Pounds)
 Funded by: Governorate of Cairo, Al-Salam Municipality
 Role: Spatial Database Administrator
 Won award at Stockholm Challenge.
 Budget: $370, 400 (2,000,000 Egyptian Pounds)
 Funded by: Governorate of Giza, Department of Urban Planning
 Role: GIS Programmer

APPLICATIONS PRE-CENSUS AUTOMATED MAP FIELDS Role: Application Developer Automated System developed using VBA (ArcGIS 9.x based) for producing field maps with different levels of field work supervision (supervisor/inspector/observer/counter). The Central Department of Statistic’s (of Saudi Arabia) has produced over 16,000 hardcopy field maps using this automated system during the 2004 census.

GIZA PLATEAU MONUMENTS COMPREHENSIVE INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MAP Role: Application Developer Interactive digital map using archeological GIS to provide users with comprehensive information on the many historical monuments in Giza. Answers queries, offers multi-lingual narration, and full printable reports on each location. Application was adopted by Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities.

REGIONAL CONSTRUCTING & CONTRACTING NETWORK (RCCNet) Role: Application Developer Internet-based network which enables efficient communication between suppliers and contractors in the construction market via a series of interactive databases.


 ESRI/ArcGIS/ArcInfo/ArcView  ArcGIS server  ArcSDE  MS Project/Schedule  ERDAS Image  ER Mapper  AutoCAD  SQL Server  Oracle  Microsoft Access/Excel/Word  ASP.NET  Adobe Creative Suite  GPS data collection  Data fusion  Photogrammetry  HTML  Java  Visual Basics and VBA programming  Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)


               English (fluent)         Arabic (fluent)          Spanish (some)
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