Hansard of the Sarawak was the name given to transcripts of parliamentary proceedings of Serawak (Act of Cession) and Sarawak (Constitution) in 1946. Those official record of the debate and proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom on Serawak (Act of Cession) were appointed on 22 May 1946 and Sarawak (constitution) were appointed on 24 July 1946[1][2]


The Sarawak Cession Bill lists a series of :[3]
● Sarawak (Act of Cession)House of Commons22 May 1946[4] 12px
● Sarawak (Constitution)House of Commons24 July 1946[5] 12px
● SarawakHouse Lords15 November 1956[6] 12px


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