George Harry "Hank" Harrison III (born on June 17, 1941 in Monterey, California) is an American author. He is the father of Courtney Love.


He was the original manager of the Warlocks, a group that later changed its name to the Grateful Dead.[citation needed] He was the roommate of Phil Lesh on several occasions from 1960 to 1974.[citation needed] In 1964 he developed specific intervention training techniques for traumatic drug experiences.[citation needed] In 1966 He founded Lsd-Rescue, in San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, London and Vancouver, a 24-7 hotline, patterned on suicide prevention and set up Institute for Contemporary Studies.[1] He suggested the name and advertising for the first Deadhead newsletter.[citation needed] In 1967 he was featured in a CBS (KPIX-TV) Documentary[2]. In 1967 he co-wrote and consulted on Lsd-25, a prize winning anti-LSD abuse educational film. [3]. In 1976 he created the publishing company now known as Arkives Press through which he has published several books.[4] In 1972, he was the Writer in Residence, Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California. Between 1982 and 1983 he acted as Editor-in-Chief and contributing Editor to Dr. Dobb's Journal. He currently resides on his equestrian training rescue center near Sacramento Metro Area.[5]

He was married to Linda Carroll with whom he had the daughter Courtney Love in 1964.[6][7][8] The couple divorced in 1969 and child custody was granted to Carroll. During the divorce, Carroll alleged that Harrison had fed LSD to their daughter, which Harrison denies.[8][9]


Hank Harrison wrote a biographic trilogy and social history of the Grateful Dead, "The Dead: A Social History of the Grateful Dead".[10]. In 1979, he began a series of books on Medieval Arthurian literature and the Holy Grail. The Cauldron and the Grail, is the first in the series and features Sacred Astronomy and the Megalithic culture of Western Europe.[11] Since 1980 he has written two novels, "Hamburger Zen and "The Eyes of Avalon" and one novella, "Printer's Devil."

In 1995 he began a book on the life and death of his son-in-law, Kurt Cobain whom he never knew, and his daughter, Courtney Love. The book went through several title changes until its 2013 release as: "Love Kills, The Assassination of Kurt Cobain." In the book he criticizes his daughters's substance abuse and argues that Cobain was killed rather than assassinated and implies that Love was implicated.[12][13] He claims that Love has worked to suppress the books publication.[14]

His second Grail book, The Grail and the Crown, focuses on the life and times of Henry de Blois, Bishop of Winchester and Abbot of Glastonbury, the younger brother of King Stephen Blois.[15] His third Grail book, "Arthur the God," with Karen Han, reveals the identity of King Arthur and his Consort Guinevere, who were buried together in a grave at Glastonbury Abbey." [16]

His books on the Grateful Dead are: The Dead: Vol 1: A Social History of the Grateful Dead (1973)and The Dead: Vol 2 A Social History of the Haight-Ashbury Experience (1991)".

He also wrote: Love Kills: The Assassinaton of Kurt Cobain (2008) ISBN 0-918501-28-8 A Hole in the Wind: Hang Gliding and the Quest for Flight (1979) ISBN 0-672-52534-8

His publishing company Arkives Press has also published: The Cauldron and the Grail Vol. I of the Grail Trilogy (1992) ISBN 0-918501-17-2 The Grail and the Crown": Vol II of the Grail Trilogy. The Mystery of the Perlesvaus Revealed.Arkives Press.

Harrison has also written alternative culture articles for the Georgia Straight, (Vancouver, Canada) the Berkley Barb, Newsweek and other news and computer magazines. He has also written books of poetry, (Glass Country 1988) Science features and magazine articles and is also an editor emeritus of Doctor Dobb's Software Journal.


Awards, recognition

  • Awarded Scholarship, Rocky Mountain Writers Conference (1968)[citation needed]


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