Welcome to the official website of the Great Seon Master Jinje, the 79th Patriarch in the direct lineage to the Great Buddha. He is the spiritual leader of the Korean Buddhist.

"If you are enlightened, then everyday life flows in harmony with the truth. You will live a simple life: when you're thirsty, you drink; when you're hungry, you eat. But people in this world are always looking for something special, even though there is nothing mystical about truth itself. If you realize the truth, you will live in bliss every day. There will be nothing more special than drinking tea when you're thirsty, resting when you're tired, or greeting guests when they visit. These everyday acts will be enough."

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An eminent monk of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism was appointed Wednesday as the "jongjeong," or highest spiritual leader, according to news reports.

Ven. Jinje, one of the greatest living masters of the practice of “seon (Zen)," will officially begin his 5-year term on March 25, 2012.

The 26-member senior council of the order held a private meeting in Seoul, which unanimously voted Ven. Jinje as the 13th jongjeong. The 77-year-old succeeds Ven. Beopjeon.

Ven. Jinje was awarded the title of “daejongsa,” meaning “most eminent monk,” by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism in 2004. To become a jongjeong candidate, one must be a daejongsa over 65 years in age and have more than 40 years of experience as a monk.

A jongjeong is the most authoritative spiritual leader and bears no administrative responsibility in the sect.

Ven. Jinje has been widely acknowledged as being one of the most eminent teachers of Korean seon meditation. He has also been active in promoting Korean Buddhism overseas.

He recently published an English-language book called “Open the Mind, See the Light," aimed at introducing the benefits of seon practice in daily life.

He made headlines here when he had a Dharma talk at Riverside Church in New York on Sept. 15.

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