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Early Life

Jain is the youngest son of Sh. JD Jain, who was awarded the "Self Made Industrialist" title by Government of India in the year 1975 and is well known as a businessman, political figure and a religious person in Jain Community. In early 2000 after completing his education, Jain joined the family business and in 2002 incorporated a company on his own called Indira Overseas Limited and worked hard to promote his Stone Mining and Iron & Steel business to reach International Market. In 2005, Jain incorporated a company named East India Company UK limited in London, England.[2]. Jainwas born in India in a business family. Jain is currently engaged in business and is based in Ghaziabad, London, Umm Al Quwain and Mauritius.

Known as Mr. Fixit

Despite of his youth and being an NRI, Jain has travelled vastly in various parts of the Globe and has gathered knowledge & experience about their culture and economy. He is in constant touch with the State Heads[3] to understand the needs of dynamic changing economies and demands of international market.

International Organisations

Harrods Acquisitions(England)
Mittal Ispat Ltd

International Business

He is considered amongst one of the Liaison man and Consultants throughout the Globe. he is currently engaged in brokerage, trading and consultancy activities.

Charitable Activities

Jain takes active part in catering the welfare organisations for helping the orphans, widows and needy people throughout the globe. Jain is very much active with the charitable organizations in India, United Kingdom, Middle East, Mauritius, Eastern Europe and in Central African Continent.


  • Fellow - (FRSA) Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce (RSA), England.
  • Fellow – Royal Asiatic Society, England.
  • Member – CILIP, England.
  • Member – English Heritage, England.
  • Member – Royal Economic Society, England.
  • Member – The Commonwealth Society, England.
  • Member – The Royal Society of St. George, England.
  • Member – VSC (Victory Services), England.
  • Advisor - Educational Institution, India.
  • Officer - for Civil Defence, Ghaziabad, India.
  • Officer - for Press, New Delhi, India.
  • Member - All India S.S. Jain Conference, India.
  • Member - Jain Charitable Hospital, Ghaziabad, India

Other - Activities

Jain enjoys learning flying an Ultra-Light Plane at Flying Club in Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. 
He is often seen relaxing at his favorite place for having Afternoon Tea at Hotel Dorchester in London. 
Jain is fond of Private Jets and has a passion for Exclusive Diamond Jeweled Watches.


  • Satellite Phone

Conflict in[4] 2012[5] regarding[6] [7] possession[8] of Satellite[9] Phone.[10]

  • East India Company

Recently in news regarding the East India Company,[11]England.

  • FC in England

Conflict in 2010 with the takeover[12]man Mr A. Ali Syed[13]of Blackburn Rovers FC[14]in England, regarding some financial transaction.[15][16]

Jain Group of Companies[17]

  • Harrods Acquisitions Limited (England & Wales)
  • State Trading Corporation Limited, United Kingdom.
  • Mittal Ispat Ltd, United Kingdom.
  • Hindustan Fertilizer Limited, United Kingdom.
  • London Commodity Exchange plc, United Kingdom.
  • East India Company UK Limited, United Kingdom.
  • Jain Rolling Mills, India [18]
  • Indira Overseas, India.
  • Ramp (India) Limited, England.
  • Island General Trading Company LLC, United Arab Emirates.
  • Indira Overseas Limited, Mauritius.
  • Emirates Petroleum Ltd, United Kingdom


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