HESA is an iranian Aircraft Building Company . Founded in 1975 , HESA is the Successor of Shah era NICP and NMP companies in iranian aviation industry which were responsible for maintenance and repairing Country's Helicopter Fleet . the company is located near the city of shahin shahr , in province of Isfahan.[1]

helicopter assembly and maintenance factory of HESA was meant to be built with assistance of Bell corporation and JHP company . but with 1979 revolution , physical progress of factory stopped at 11 percent . in 1983 , iran managed to continue building the factory and in 1988 , the task of building the factory was completed by iranian defence industry corp .

HESA currently is part of islamic republic of iran's aviation industry and provides technical support to iranian air force and aviation industry (helicopter and aircraft parts) . example of compnay's products is heavy shafts , sandwich panels and piston engines , repairing helicopters and Hovercrafts are also noted in company's activities.

the compnay also involved in production and assembly of Bell helicopter variations (such as Bell214) and joint production of An-140 turboprop aircrafts with collaboration of ukraine's Antonov Company according to a 1995 agreement between two companies .

the company is also involved in experimental production of Unmanned helicopters (Ababil-1)[2]



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