HAUR Feng Shui is not a brand or company of Feng Shui. The reason it occurred here is not for advertising purposes but to educate us that actually there is a secret type of Feng Shui in this world. HAUR Feng Shui means Holy Ancient Ultimate Royal Feng Shui. It is an evolution and modernization version of AURA Feng Shui - Ancient Ultimate Royal Auspicious Feng Shui . AURA Feng Shui is the origin of Traditional Feng Shui comprising the unrevealed combined knowledge of Form School and Compass School.

Only limited AURA Feng Shui and HAUR Feng Shui articles have been revealed or published in Chinese Language - the original language of Feng Shui. Hence, it is rather extremely difficult to find source or citation to support the occurrence of these Feng Shui in English Language.

However, the English language of these knowledge were first introduced in a personal blog by a Malaysian.[1]


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