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The Gummy Walrus is a fictional creature created by an anonymous high school student for her independent project. The true nature of her project was to see how gullible people were if given a fictional animal in need that was presented as nonfiction. The Gummy Walrus petition she wrote claimed they were a sub-species of walrus that had mutated due to nuclear radiation in Canada. On June 2nd 2012,she set up a petition stand at the Des Moines marina farmer's market between 1pm and 2:30pm. During that hour and a half time span she collected 25 signatures. Most were from the elderly or young people in their early twenties. However half the people she asked did not even ask what a Gummy Walrus was, and only two questioned her thoroughly on its existence.

Her statement:

" To all the people who signed the petition: thank you very much for helping my project. After my project presentation I intend to shred the signature sheet.

"The Gummy Walrus was indeed my own creation. It is also impossible for walruses to be affected by nuclear radiation, for the nuclear storage facility in Quebec resides along a river near the Gulf of St.Lawrence, where all the walruses have long ago been hunted to extinction. To the people who took flyers: Please forgive me for any embarrassment, and thank you for caring enough to spread the word.

"Anyone who signed or had sympathy, although they did not question the facts, were indeed good people, for they care about the world and believed in making our world a better place.

"As for me, writing and presenting this petition has provided valuable experience. In adulthood, I want to change the world into a better place, not through scamming people, but by working with environmental sciences to restore the world. Thank you" -Anonymous Student of MRHS

The Petition

Save the Gummy Walrus!

Nuclear waste hurts wildlife in the Artic.

That poor thing is the tragic victim of nuclear waste leaking in northeastern Canada. If you think that a walrus shouldn’t look like that, you’re absolutely right.

This is the Gummy Walrus: a new sub-species of walrus that mutated when a desperate herd was exposed to radiation from nuclear storage facilities in northern Quebec. The poor creatures are only one of the consequences of over-extracting resources for the sake of technology.

This problem was only recognized recently. Although the radioactive waste in Canada’s nuclear waste facilities was secured in thick layers of reinforced concrete, the water used to cool the nuclear energy (over a course of 7-10 years) managed to leak into the shores of the north Atlantic. It was small compared to the radiation stored, but due to climate changes, walruses have been moving their breeding grounds farther inland. Eventually, on herd settled outside the polluted channel in which the radioactive water was draining into.

Thus their offspring became severely mutated.

Gummy walruses live a sad life due to their mutated appearance. Usually social animals, other Walruses have rejected them because of their outward appearance. To make matters worse, their mutation has also caused them to only be able to reproduce with other Gummy walruses. Because some of them have oddly shaped tusks, they are unable to attach themselves to icebergs like other walruses and there fore also have problems hunting for shellfish.

They need our help. Right now.

Scientists are still unsure, but it is believed that out of the 50,000 Atlantic Walruses living between east Canada and Greenland, that 80-120 of them are Gummy walruses. However, their numbers are steadily growing due to the mutation which allows them to breed more often than other walruses. By signing this petition you can help spread the word about the Gummy Walrus and even support biologists trying to make life easier for these victims of climate change and unsustainable development. Because no one should be treated the way Gummy Walruses are.






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