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Guelph Pride is a subdivision of Out on the Shelf which is a nonprofit organization. Both Guelph Pride and Out on the Shelf were established in 2003 and incorporated several years later[1]. Guelph Pride has existed to run a wide variety of events which seek to bring the LGBT and ally community closer together, create inclusivity, and encourage diversity within the Guelph Community[2]. Guelph Pride Week generally runs the first full week of May and celebrates its 10th year in 2013.


Guelph Pride events began in 2003 with the Guelph Pride picnic at Royal City Park on June 14th of that year[3]. The Pride picnic continued until 2006 when it the first pride dance took place. In 2008, the Guelph Pride event became Guelph Pride Week[4]. In 2010, the first Pride lecture took place, titled A for Awareness which focused on a variety of LGBT issues. Helen Kennedy from EGALE spoke at the first A for Awareness event[5]. In 2011, this event was renamed the Guelph Pride Symposium[6]. In 2011, the Harcourt United Church offered to run a Family Night[7]. The concept of a family night continued into 2012. Also in 2011, the Guelph Pride Committee planned for a Youth Night[8]. In 2012, the Unitarian Church of Guelph's Youth Group collaborated with the Guelph Pride Committee to plan this event[9]. In 2012, in collaboration with Guelph Spoken Word and PaTio, Guelph Pride planned a very successful cabaret event[10]. Also, in 2012, Guelph Pride gave permission to the Grand River Rainbow Historical Project to use their materials to build their online historical exhibit of LGBTQ events, issues, services, etc. in the Tri-City and Guelph communities[11].


Guelph Pride has run a wide variety of events over the past couple of years. The first Guelph Pride event was the Pride Picnic in 2003[12]. Over the past couple of years, Guelph Pride has run an annual Dance. Guelph Pride has also run a flag raising ceremony at City Hall where several significant individuals have spoken, including Guelph’s Mayor, Karen Farbridge, and one of the leaders of CUPE.


Guelph Pride is run entirely by volunteers. There are two types of volunteer opportunities with Guelph Pride: committee member and events volunteer. Committee members are asked to commit their time from the time they begin until the end of Guelph Pride Week. The search for committee members usually begins in late summer or late fall[13]. Events volunteers help set up, facilitate, and take down events. If you would like to learn more about volunteering with Guelph Pride, please visit their website at


Guelph Pride’s Official Facebook Group is at or by searching “Official Guelph Pride.” Their Like Page can be found at Last year, Guelph Pride acquired a Twitter Account as well to better promote its events. The Twitter handle is @PrideGuelph. In September 2012, the Guelph Pride Committee began sending out a bi-monthly e-newsletter which highlights all of the planning updates and other LGBTQ events and information throughout the given time period.


Guelph Pride events are planned by the Guelph Pride Committee. The Guelph Pride Committee is staffed by volunteers from the Guelph and surrounding communities. The Guelph Pride Committee usually begins planning in January and meets until the end of Pride week in May[14]. Due to the conception of Winter Pride, the Guelph Pride Committee began meeting in September of 2012 for 2013 events[15]. Meetings generally take place at Out on the Shelf.


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