Brian O'Shea (born September 23, 1992), better known by his stage name Grim Logik, a Canadian rapper, songwriter and known political activist.

Grim Logik initially gained popularity due to his role in the protest taking place in June of 2010 at the Toronto G20 Summit.[1] Grim Logik was involved with heavy controversy and was a main speaker at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and National Union of Public and General Employees' (NUPGE) conference under the title "Breach of the Peace", G20 Summit: Accountability in Policing and Governance.[2] Grim Logik was specifically involved due to the controversial nature of his arrest resulting in 25 hours in solitary confinement then dismissing the charge.[3]

Then 17 years old, Grim Logik took the train from Ajax, Ontario to Toronto's Union Station and as he was exiting the the train he was arrested for Breach of the Peace.[4] His music only became intertwined with the events of the protest because while being held at Toronto's Union Station awaiting transportation to the holding cell he was approached by a news reporter and promoted himself. He has gone on to perform all over Ontario and is currently involved in the class action lawsuit filed
against the federal Attorney-General Rob Nicholson, and the Toronto Police Services Board. [5]

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