Gregg Lachow is a Seattle-based film and theatre artist. After creating the feature films The Seven Mysteries of Life and The Wright Brothers, Lachow worked with the Northwest Film Forum to create the nationally renowned Start-to-Finish program with his feature film, Money Buys Happiness. Lachow then went on to create the experimental "performed film" Silence! and a commission for Philip Glass, I'm Working on a Building.

Prior to his work in film, Mr. Lachow achieved significant distinction as a creator of experimental theatre, most importantly as the co-founder of the performance ensemble Run/Remain.

Gregg is married to Seattle choreographer and Filmmaker Megan Murphy. They have 2 children.

Lachow founded The Film Company, an artist friendly film studio where he produced such films as Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain! and Lynn Shelton's debut feature film We Go Way Back.[1]


  1. We Go Way Back, credits New York Times Online, retrieved 12 Jul 2009.

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