GreenIdeas, LLC is community where startups find educated, skilled, and talented people who help develop and advance an entrepreneurs' visions. We believe that the best way to develop real world experience is to be in the trenches, working in a startup. After this great recession passes America, and the world, will be stronger and better off--over the pst 600 million years there have been at least six distinct periods of mass extinction, and after each massive wipeout in species there was an explosion of species diversity that followed</ref><reference /> Biology, concepts & connections. Pearson Education, Inc.. 2003. pp. 301.</ref> . This same pattern spawned the likes of General Motors, Revlon, Disney, and Microsoft among others <reference />Reilly, James Marshall (2011). Shake the World. Portfolio / Penguin. pp. 16.</ref>. GreenIdeas' name takes the slang meaning of "Green" which means (among others) new and fresh, thus people are coming to the site with ideas that are in the processes of being launched or finding a way to get their ideas launched.

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