The Grass Stain Productions Film Company was founded in December of 2006 by Co-Founders Joe McGarry, Jake McDonnell, Eric Bloodgood, Hunter Sabins, Mikey Fahey and Logan Sabins. They began by filming the three part "The Movie" series. All of the founding members played their own roles in the first three installments of the epic trilogy in addition to several other Grass Stain Productions members who would temporarily join for the series such as Andrew Font, Mike Zipf and Gavin Driscoll. Shortly after the completion of the third film in August of 2007 the production company met a stand still and it wasn't until November of 2008 that the company continued it's work in the form of their film "Amendment 18". For this film the original founders Joe McGarry, and Jake McDonnell returned with major roles in the film, Eric Bloodgood joined the editing department for the film, and Mikey Fahey and Logan Sabins made cameo appearances in the beginning of the film. Hunter Sabins was the only original founder not able to make an appearance for Amendment 18, due to scheduleing confilcts, however, Andrew Font who had a small role in The Movie: Part 1 signed on to play a role in the film. The film also brought in a wide variety of new Grass Stain Productions cast members such as James Loughlin, Mitch Linde, Kyle Place, Jordan Dross, Andrew Webster, Russ Miller, Lawrence Garcia and David Brown. After the success of Amendment 18 a sequel was hastily put in the works in the form of "Attack of Belmar" which to this day has been the biggest Grass Stain Productions flop. The film brought back some of the main cast members from the first film such as Joe McGarry, Andrew Font, James Loughlin, Kyle Place and Jordan Dross. The sequel originally depended largly upon the role of Mitch Linde's character and when he was unable to return rewrites began and a new plot was put into place quickly before shooting began. New cast members were enlisted when Mitch Linde and Jake McDonnell could not return. The new cast included Tom Cifune, Kent Sullivan, Jared Hannah, and James Fagen. The film premiered in January of 2009 and was a huge flop in comparison to previous Grass Stain Productions films. Later in May of 2009 Grass Stain Production began filming Triumph of Tet which starred two founding members of the company, Joe McGarry and Eric Bloodgood. The film also starred new cast members Sean Lavin, Brad Stokhamer, Bobby Goodman, Ryan Subhan, and Claire McGuinness. The film's success put GSP back on the map after their January flop and help build a name for the company. The next project the company took underway was The Knowing Trailer Spoof in August of 2009. The film starred founding members Joe McGarry, Hunter Sabins and Logan Sabins. The film also brought in the new cast member of Jimmy Gilligan. After the film's completion a new film was put into production and that film was The Matt Sampson Documentary which would go on to premiere in November of 2009. The movie consisted mainly of returning founder Joe McGarry and new cast member Matt Sampson. The film also had small cameo appearances from Grass Stain Production Founders Hunter Sabins, Eric Bloodgood and Mikey Fahey in addition to a cameo from Attack of Belmar's James Fagen. The film was widely successful and soon after Joe McGarry and Matt Sampson began talks of a new project which would soon be titled The Tik Tok Music Video remix. The project besides Joe McGarry and Matt Sampson would deal with a wide cast of new members such as Zach Rogers, Sean Kennedy, James Tilton, Shani Sanders, Laura Phillips, and many others including another cameo appearances from Grass Stain Productions co-founder Hunter Sabins and Attack of Belmar's James Fagen. The project premiered in March of 2010 and Joe McGarry began to set his sights on 2010's biggest project, the Grass Stain Production version of Hamlet. The film project back many former Grass Stain Productions members such as founders Joe McGarry and Jake McDonnell along with James Loughlin (Amendment 18 & Attack of Belmar), Kyle Place (Amendment 18 & Attack of Belmar), Mitch Linde (Amendment 18), Zach Rogers (Tik Tok Music Video Remix), Brendan Perry (Tik Tok Music Video Remix), James Fagen (Attack of Belmar, Matt Sampson Documentary, & Tik Tok Music Video Remix), along with cameo appearances from Grass Stain Productions co-founders Hunter Sabins, Mikey Fahey, and Logan Sabins. The film also brought in a large amount of new cast members such as Albert McManus, Will Gannon, Zach Ritchie, Ed Ernish and many others. The film became Grass Stain Production's biggest film to date in terms of number of cast members, editing resources, script functionality, and overall flow during the film.


  • The Movie; Part 1: This film focuses on a boy named Jacob (portrayed by Joe McGarry) who sets out to take over the world. During his journey he enlists the help of famous characters such as Yoda (portrayed by Mikey Fahey), Darth Vader (portrayed by Jake McDonnell), House MD (portrayed by Joe McGarry), Jingle the Elf (portrayed by Logan Sabins), Smeagol (portrayed by Jake McDonnell), President Bush (portrayed by Joe McGarry) and a Cameraman (portrayed by Eric Bloodgood). While everything seems to be moving along fine at first for Jacob and his teammates they soon run into trouble when William Turner (portrayed by Hunter Sabins]], brings together his own team to become King of the Pirates. Soon William finds Steve Irwin (portrayed by Jake McDonnell), Bob the Delivery Guy (portrayed by Mikey Fahey), Sir (portrayed by Logan Sabins), Ashton Kutcher (portrayed by Joe McGarry), Jeff Corwin (portrayed by Joe McGarry), Andrew Font (portrayed by himself), Harry Potter (portrayed by Mike Zipf), and Ron Weasley (portrayed by Gavin Driscoll). The two teams meet up and battle but a rogue storm trooper who has self entitled himself the "Invisible Arrow" (portrayed by Mikey Fahey) seeks revenge after Darth Vader attacked him after he was set up by the storm trooper on Ashton Kutcher's TV show Punk'd. The two teams then set aside their differences and battle against the Invisible Arrow to save the world.
  • The Movie; Part 2:
  • The Movie; Part 3:
  • Amendment 18:
  • Attack of Belmar:
  • Triumph of Tet:
  • The Knowing Trailer Spoof:
  • The Matt Sampson Documentary:
  • The Tik Tok Music Video Remix:
  • Hamlet:
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