GovX is a privileged e-commerce Web site where qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those in related government agencies can shop for premium off-duty apparel, equipment and other products as well as on–duty tactical products. Prospective Members simply submit their registration to qualify as a Member and once approved, can begin shopping. The company is headquartered La Jolla,California, in the San Diego metropolitan area. It is currently the world's largest online military and government exchange.

Origins and History

The company was founded in early 2011 by Marc Van Buskirk, Shannon Van Buskirk and Tony Farwell. The three founders were involved in the development and operation of, the Internet’s most popular, single brand, direct-to-military, tactical e-commerce Web site offering Oakley® tactical products. GovX CEO Marc Van Buskirk was largely responsible for developing Oakley’s military-direct sales channel and USStandardIssue became the Internet’s leading, privately held, member-verified ecommerce Web site for Armed Services and government employee access. Oakley acquired the USSI web site from our founders and soon after, Marc formed GovX to undertake the broader mission of not only delivering a range of premium tactical gear from select manufacturers but also offering great, “Life After Work” products with the same exclusive pricing.


GovX carries products from over 75 unique brands including SPY, Callaway Golf, Under Armour, and AlpineStars. These products are sold on GovX.Com at discounted rates, sometimes up to 70% off, exclusively for members of the Armed Services and Government agencies.

GovX has a unique direct-from-manufacture purchasing system which uses a sophisticated, inter-connected, e-commerce platform connecting them with shippers, manufacturers and their entire customer support team and manufacturer support team, designed to deliver products promptly.


GovX allows current, reserve or retired members of the Armed Forces, or qualifying employees of related government agencies to become members. If you are in the military (active, reserve, or former/retired) or a government employee you are eligible for a GovX membership.

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