Birth Name: Gordana Buzov, Height: 1.77 cm, Occupations: Model, singer, artist, Year active: 2010,

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Gordana Buzov was born in Paris on 15th.04.1980. She was adopted by a woman a foster mother of Yugoslavian roots, when she was 3 years old. In free time she is occupied with modeling, singing and active painting with oil. In 2010 year quits with TV houses and refuses to make statements to newspapers and magazines. In the last interview Gordana Buzov says: "Television is a tremendously powerful medium, after all, as well as newspapers. Everything is done with great speed. The main break was an emotional nature. I just do not want that my biological parents ever recognize me. Take into a consideration that i am a big kid at heart I will continue to do what makes me happy. I am conscious that you are not present on TV shows and interviews and it is like you are gone and that interest is easily lost. And this is what i want and now I am based only on the Internet. Because all I do not work for money, but to satisfy my child s imagination.

One of her favorite verses says: "The right value of easiness of living cannot be admitted until you do not comprehand way of sweetness until you do not taste bitterness, as no goodness while I have not see the evil. Through that lonesome valley I must pass by myself. Nobody can pass it by instead me, I must cut the way myself. Agony can be to heal that way only, when I experience it completely. I have always learned and grown up from the lifetime of obstacle and misfortunes. From everything that has been failed - I have learned mostly from that... Birds sing after the storm and why the people wouldn’t be so free and enjoy in all that is left over. I am some like a small bird, that is looking for a repose after a flight, that lands on a too much fragile branch and senses now it falls under it, but I continue to sing further to a great distance all the same for I know I have got the wings.." Briefly she comments on the questions of what men she like, she says: "He would have a friendly attitude towards me, know how to make me laugh and have strong inner strength. In such one I would absolutely fall in love. Everything what is earthly and materially, don’t excites me..".


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