Beauty is injecting taste and elegance into your lifestyle. --- letter from Goodorient Seo

I am a Shanghainese. I have always had that stubborn, rebellious, yet nostalgic side inside my blood. Long and classic cheongsams are my favorites. This love of Cheongsam stems from the Cheongsam's deep-rooted regality and cultural significance in the history of fashion. Shanghai is the birthplace of post-empirical design, where western vibes and modernisation revolutionizes Cheongsams to evolve to what we have today. Where austins and cadillacs honks at labor-pulled rickshaws, where chinese operas performs down at teahouse, while gramophone plays on the top floor. Where ladies in qipao mingle with foreigners in suits. Growing up in such diverse, cultural clash environment is indescribable magical. Decades later, I still reflect my childhood memories, and back-alleys of Shanghai fondly.

Modern Cheongsam is very renowned in the fashion scene, and growing like wildfire in the Western Hemisphere. We're proud to say that GoodOrient is the pioneer of chinese fashion on the Internet! Since our inception in 1994, it has been 14 years that GoodOrient have provided specialized retro chinese wears across the globe, and stirred Wows and whistles alike from our visitors. I thank everyone's support, and with my deep passion of Cheongsams, will continue to broadcast awareness of modern, and traditional, Cheongsams and Kung Fu suits to other cultures and individuals. From a dash of chinese influence in your wardrobe, to slowly explore how the Great Wall came to be, and perhaps the tomb of the king and his 6000 horsemen in Xi'An, to Tibetian culture. As for me, GoodOrient is not purely for profit, it's my medium to broadcast my passion of chinese culture towards others that will accept my frequency, and for me to contribute a part of passing our diverse Chinese history to next generations. GoodOrient would not become what it is today, if we were only purely business-minded. We do not want it that way too!

As a brand, GoodOrient are very meticulous (it's a work of art for us) when sourcing new products, and designing new clothing trends. We impose very high standard on ourselves, fulfilling a strict checklist on each new items that are added to our storefront. So that our visitors, you, may be able to purchase items that are unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that also retains collectible value.

Life's a beautiful thing, and we should live it to it's fullest!

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