GoGMAT is an adaptive online preparation platform designed to prepare for GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). It contains the GMAT study information, the theoretical materials and four thousand of practice questions of different types and categories. GoGMAT is an online system that can be used by any pc, mobile or table device

Knowledge Base

GoGMAT Knowledge Base is a collection of GMAT study material that can be searched by alphabet, by category, or by keyword.

Lesson Transcripts

GoGMAT has the organized information in the lesson transcripts. Each lesson includes relevant GMAT study material in lists of the formulas and rules that need to be memorized. There is also a possibility to download lesson transcripts.

Test Generator

GMAT Practice Test Generator is a tool that allows to create each user's own GMAT practice test from thousands of GMAT practice questions of the GoGMAT database. There is an option to select the difficulty level of the test, the question categories, and the number of questions. Also, it is possible to make GMAT practice test adaptive.

CAT Tests

The platform contains four full-length CATs, of which one is a diagnostic test. These tests are created according to the adaptive algorithm of the actual GMAT and reflect the expected user's GMAT score.

Practice Questions

Each GoGMAT study session contains a set of GMAT practice tests: pre-class, practice, and test assignments that mirror real GMAT questions.

There are thirteen GoGMAT sessions that contain the comprehensive GMAT study material. Each study session contains two video lessons, one math and one verbal, with detailed explanations of the topic covered in the lesson.

GMAT Video Lessons

There are 27 interactive video lessons in total that explain the material from a basic level and concludes with the advanced theory of the test. The necessary rules and formulas are explained and demonstrated in application to real GMAT practice questions.


GoGMAT's Analytics is a tool that helps to determine user's weaknesses to figure out what to do to improve the existing GMAT score. The specific software tracks user's progress throughout GMAT preparation and provides detailed statistics on his/her performance. Specifically, the platform calculates the percentage of questions of each type that were answered correctly, the percentage of wrong answers at each difficulty level in each category, and the average amount of time that was spent per question for each question type. As well as that GoGMAT Analytics tracks every mistake made by the user and creates personalized list of recommendations and a list of the materials that need to be reviewed.

Integrated Reasoning Section

Recently the new Integrated Reasoning section was added to GoGMAT platform. Now anyone can download for free a special e-book that provides an overview of the new section and some strategic tips on how to approach the questions it contains. The book touches each type of questions, both practical and theoretical aspects

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