George Louis Carlo
Born August 24, 1953
Citizenship United States
Fields public health
Alma mater

State University of New York at Buffalo

George Louis Carlo (born August 24, 1953[citation needed]) is an American public health scientist, research director, and consultant[1], most widely known for investigating the possible negative health effects of mobile phones.

He earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo) and earned a law degree from George Washington University.[1] He is a Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology, and has served on the medical faculties of the University of Arkansas and SUNY-Buffalo, and as an adjunct faculty member of George Washington University's School of Medicine and Health Sciences.[1]


Prior to entering his field in public health Carlo was an assistant football coach for the Buffalo Bulls at the University at Buffalo.

In the 1990s Carlo headed the Breast Implant Public Health Project, which was funded by the Dow Corning corporation and overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).[citation needed] These studies found silicone breast implants to have possible long term health effects.[citation needed]

From 1993 to 1999 he headed the Wireless Technology Research program (WTR),a US$28.5 million research program, employing over 200 doctors and scientists, funded by the cellular phone industry that investigated the possible health effects of cellular phones.[citation needed] Interviewed about his work in 2003, Carlo stated that there is no "absolute definitive proof" but that the study had raised "red flags of concern among public health people".[1] He later said:[2]

"The scientific and medical information is in a gray area. We can't say clearly that these things are safe. We have a hint that they are dangerous. [But] we don't know how dangerous. What we do know is that in the four different epidemiologic studies we've done, there are hints of health risks."

This research program found evidence of health risks[citation needed], including single and double strand DNA breakage[citation needed], and formation of micronuclei, a marker for cancer[citation needed].

In 2001, Carlo coauthored a book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider's Alarming Discoveries, which discussed "a sinister web of corporate greed and masterful PR spin that choked his efforts" to follow up these leads.[3]

A review from the book says[citation needed]:

Due largely to Carlo's coauthorship, Cell Phones is unavoidably a one-sided story. Key business figures didn't agree to interviews. In fact, this might have been a better book if it were written by Schram, with Carlo as one of several major characters rather than a collaborator. Then again, it would lack the passionate advocacy that will draw many readers to it. And even the most skeptical may want to take a few of the simple safety precautions the authors recommend in a concluding chapter, such as wearing a headset or earpiece when using a cell phone, in order to keep a distance from the radiation-emitting antennae. One look at the x-ray photos reproduced in the book, which show how radiation easily penetrates skulls, will give even the most impervious observer second thoughts. One thing is probably certain: This book is a harbinger of litigation. If Carlo and Schram are correct about their concerns, the cellular industry--as unbelievable as it sounds--may go the way of Big Tobacco. --John J. Miller

In 2007 Carlo was a coauthor on a paper in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (misreported as the nonexistent "Australasian Journal of Clinical Environmental Medicine") which claimed that the information carried on radio frequency and microwave signals is a factor in the development of autism.[2] He states in the accompanying press release that "[t]he electromagnetic radiation apparently causes the metals to be trapped in cells, slowing clearance and accelerating the onset of symptoms", in reference to the controversial heavy metal clearance hypothesis of autism causation.

Carlo was interviewed April 23, 2008 on Vancouver's Co-op Radio, CFRO 102.7, discussing his research and stating that a health risk definitively exists.

Carlo believes that electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones is responsible for colony collapse disorder in bees, and believes that the mobile phone industry is conspiring with scientists and the media to hide this. [3]

Carlo also believes cell phones cause neuroepithelial and acoustic brain and ear tumors, as well as eye cancer, and autism. To date, his work has attempted to demonstrate causation of internal bleeding, cell trauma, and measles induced by information-carrying radio wave.[citation needed]

Science and Public Policy Institute

Carlo is the founder and chairman of an organisation called the Science and Public Policy Institute[citation needed] (not to be confused with the conservative think-tank also named the Science and Public Policy Institute) and its sub-project, the Safe Wireless Initiative, which is associated with electrosensitivity.


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