Geoff Lazer Ramsey (born Geoff Fink; June 19, 1975), is a machinima producer and voice actor for Rooster Teeth Productions. Ramsey often posts under the handle Geoff and is known for having numerous tattoos. His Red vs. Blue character, Grif, even promotes and glorifies them in a public service announcement. Out of all the employees of Rooster Teeth Productions, Ramsey is the only one to have served in the military.


Geoff grew up in the Mobile, Alabama area where he attended a primary and secondary school, and was a semi pro bowler in his teenage years, but he had lived in Florida and the outlying areas of New Orleans when he was younger. He enlisted into the United States Army before graduating high school and began United States Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson (South Carolina) shortly afterwards. In Ramsey's early years he served in the military as a photojournalist in Kuwait and was based out of Fort Hood during that time. After leaving, he secured a job at the tech support company TeleNetwork Partners, at which he befriended Burnie Burns who was then a manager and later president of the company. Prior to working for Rooster Teeth Productions and TeleNetwork, Ramsey worked as a production assistant for View Askew Productions,[1] before that a roadie for the band Catch 22.[citation needed] He also created a web site with his friend, Gustavo Sorola, called Drunk Gamers, which later evolved into Rooster Teeth Productions. Ramsey currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Griffon Ramsey, daughter Millicent Ramsey (born 2005), and his friend/Co-worker Gavin Free.

While changing his surname to his stepfather's, "Ramsey", he was informed by the court that it would not cost any more to change any other of his names. As a joke, he changed his middle name to "Lazer".[2]


Ramsey co-created Red vs. Blue (voice of Grif) with friend Burnie Burns in 2003. Since then, he has gone on to become an Internet celebrity, regularly appearing at conventions such as PAX and Comic-Con. Ramsey, besides working on Red vs. Blue, used to frequently join Gustavo Sorola, Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman on the Rooster Teeth Podcast, tentatively titled "The Drunk Tank" (renamed to "The Rooster Teeth Podcast" in October 2011). He has not appeared on the podcast since September 2011, due to being busy with Achievement Hunter. He is a regular in the RT Shorts and video podcasts.

In 2008, Geoff Ramsey started a new series at Rooster Teeth productions called Achievement Hunter. The site is run by Ramsey and colleague Jack Pattillo, who regularly release achievement guides, easter egg videos and other game-related videos. Unlike many other achievement-dedicated websites, Achievement Hunter is highly dependent on public contributions and so has guides across many different games and platforms, allowing the site to expand its focus from Xbox 360 games to those on PC, PS3, Steam, iPhone and even Windows Phone 7. Achievement Hunter also releases a weekly video highlighting the next weeks news in gaming called Achievement Hunter Weekly Update. Abbreviated to AHWU, the show has fan-submitted openings, and features guest hosts such as Gavin Free, Michael Jones and Joel Heyman.

Geoff and Jack created a game through Halo: Reach's Forge mode, called "Achievement HORSE", new episodes every Wednesday. Gamers send in maps they have created and Geoff and Jack play them. The first to complete the map wins while the other loses. The loser gains a letter (e.g. Geoff wins round 1, Jack gets the letter H). The loser overall is the person to have lost five rounds first, completing the word "Horse". Sometimes due to limited time a replacement called "Pig" is played with the same rules as Horse but only spelling out "Pig". In October 2011, a company-wide HORSE tournament was held; Geoff was eliminated early on. Also in 2012 another tournament was held, he was once again eliminated early on in the tournament. On April 18, 2012, Geoff Ramsey and Jack Patillo started playing Achievement Horse on Trials Evolution. The same rules apply, except now they play racing maps submitted by viewers.

In addition to "Achievement HORSE", Geoff and Jack started the highly popular "Halo: Reach Fails of the Weak" series. Here, fans can send in funny or interesting videos clips containing gameplay footage from Halo: Reach, Halo 3 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Each Friday, Geoff and Jack organize a montage of failures and narrate them with their usual antics. Many used to be on Halo Waypoint. Since they've received so many videos from people, they made a YouTube channel called GameFails, where they put all of the other videos, as well as fails from other games. They are also available on their website. The GameFails channel has quickly expanded to a large sensation on YouTube.


Year Title Role
2003 Red vs. Blue Season One Grif (voice), producer
2004 Red vs. Blue Season Two Grif (voice), producer
2005 PANICS Alpha Squad Member (voice)
2005 Red vs. Blue Season Three Grif (voice), producer
2006 Red vs. Blue Season Four Grif (voice), producer
2006 The Strangerhood Season One The Omnipotent Voice (voice), producer
2006 1-800-MAGIC Troll 1
2007 Red vs. Blue Season Five Grif (voice), producer
2007 Halo 3 UNSC Marine
2008 Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Grif (voice), producer
2008 Captain Dynamic Himself, producer
2009 Red vs. Blue: Recreation Grif (voice), producer
2009–2010 RT Shorts Season 1 Himself
2010 Red vs. Blue: Revelation Grif (voice), producer
2010–2011 RT Shorts Season 2 Himself
2010–present Immersion Himself
2011–present RT Shorts Season 3 Himself
2011 Red vs. Blue: Season 9 Grif (voice)
2011 O Brave New World Himself
2012 Red vs. Blue: Season 10 Grif (voice)
2012 Halo 4 Grif (voice)


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  2. Sal Basile (June 2010). Halo: Visit Blood Gulch With Geoff Ramsey. UGO's The Goods (Website). UGO Entertainment, Incorporated. Retrieved on 2010-06-12.

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