Firstly, I introduce Abu-al-Ghazi Bahadur, He was Khan of the Khanate of Khiva from 1643-63. He was very well educated and true historian. He spent 10 years in Persia before becoming Khan. He wrote a book, A General History of Turks; Moguls and Tatars. He mentions in the preface “I Abu-al-Ghazi Bahadur Khan have began to write this book. My father Arap Mahamet Khan descendant in a right line from Genghis Khan and was before me sovereign Prince of the country of Kharazm. I shall treat in this book of the house of Genghis Khan. This is true that before me several Turkish and Persian Authors have written upon this subject and I myself have eighteen different books of those Authors in my hands, some of which are tolerably well wrote; but as I perceive these books stand much is need of correction in many places and in others of large supplies, I Judged there was a necessity for having a more exact history. And for as much as our countries are very destitute of learned writers, I saw myself obliged to undertake this work.”

I Imtiaz Ahmed Mughal studied the above mentioned book written by Abu-al-Ghazi Bahadur. He wrote the true Turko Mogul history and Genealogy of Genghis Khan. I admire his great and distinct work in this regard and admit that he was a great Prince and true historian. Some scholars argue that Genghis Khan was Moghalls or Turkic and some said that his descendants (Temurid, Mughals of India, Argun and Tarkhan dynasties of Sindh Pakistan) were Turkic, not Moghalls. According to the Abu-al-Ghazi Bahadur the turko Moghalls were the same race and were descended from the Turk son of Yaphis, those were Turkish people and called Tarkhans (Tarkan). These Tarkhans were ancestor of Turko Moghall people. Later the word Tarkhan became the Turkish title means Turkish Prince, Commander, Ruler. It was a title used among the ancient Turks to denote a princely status just below that of Qaghan (Khaqan).So it is a debate less that Genghis Khan was a Turkic or Moghalls. It is true that he had both Turko Moghall ancestry. He sprung from the Posterity of Kayan, who went and inhabited in the country of Irgana-kon after the defeat of his father Il-Khan, descended from Oghuz Khan (ancestor of Toku Oguz tribe) the son of Kara Khan, son of Mungle (Mogul) Khan. The Ur-Mankakts was the leading tribe descended from Oghuz Khan, all the Moghall tribes are related to that tribe. From the three sons of Alan Ku sprung a numerous tribe; in the Moghall language sir named "Nirka" (Niron); that is a pure family. The descendants of the Qayan took the sir name of Kayat (signify smith) and those of Naguz took the sir name of Darulgin. They were called Irgana-kon smith because they had erected a foundry for Iron work in the valley of Irgana-kon. Kayat were descendant from the sixth son of Kabul Khan and the Borzugan Kayat sprung from the five sons of Yessughi Bahadur Khan who was the father of Temujin (Genghis Khan).

Bortan Bayadur was the father of Yessughi Bahadur, whose father was Kabull Khan, the son of Tumana Khan, the son of Kaidu Khan, whose father was Dutumin Khan. The father of Dutumin Khan was Tokha Khan, his father was Budansir Mogak, born of the widow Alancu grand daughter of Yuldus Khan. The father of Yuldus Khan was Mengli Chodsa Khan, who was the son of Temirtash Khan, the son of Kaymazu Khan, son of Simsanzi Khan, son of Bukbendum Khan, son of menkoazin borell Khan, son of Kipzi Mergan Khan, son of Bizin Kayen Khan, son of Kaw Idill Khan whose father was Bertezena Khan. Between the reign of Bertezena and the flight of Kayan, who went and inhabited in the country of Irgana-kon, after the defeat of his father, there is a vacancy of 450 years; which is just the time that the Mogulls were confined within the mountains of Irgana-kon and were in perfect ignorance of the order of the succession and names of the Princess who reigned over the Mogulls in that interval, we are certain they were all of the posterity of Kayan. The father of Kayan was Il Khan, his father was Mengli Khan, the son of Yuldus Khan, who succeeded Ay Khan. Yuldus Khan having been neither the brother nor the son of Ay Khan or Kiun Khan, but only their relation. Ay Khan succeeded his brother Kiun Khan, whose father was Ogus Khan, the son of Kara Khan, the son of Mungl (Mogul) Khan, son of Alenza Khan (father of two twin sons, Mogul and Tatar), son of Kayuk Khan, son of Dibbakui Khan, son of Yelza Khan, son of Taunak Khan, whose father was Turk (ancestor of Turkish people), the son of Yaphis, the son of Nui (A.S), whose father was Zamach, son of Matushlach, the son of Prophet Idris (A.S), called in the language of Yunan Achnuch, whose father was Berdi, the son of Melahil, son of Shinan, son of Anus, whose father was prophet Shiss ,who was the son of Adam (A.S), sir named Saphi Yula.

Race of Turk

1. Turk (Japhet) 2. Taunak 3. Yelza Khan (Tatar & Mungle or Mogul) 4. Dibbakvi-Khan 5. Kayuk Khan 6.Alanza Khan

Race of Tatar-Khan

1.Tatar Khan 2.Bukha Khan 3.Yalanza Khan 4.Ettela-Khan 5.Altaisir Khan 6.Orda-Khan 7.Baydu Khan 8.Siuntz Khan

Race of Mungl Khan

1. Mungl (Mogul) Khan 2. Kara Khan 3. Ogus Khan 4. Kiun Khan 5. Ay-Khan 6. Yulduz Khan 7. Mengli Khan 8. Tinyis Khan 9. Il Khan (Irgana-kon) 10. Bertezena Khan 11. Kaw-idil Khan 12. Bizin Kayan Khan 13. Kipsi Mergan Khan 14. Menkoazin-borell Khan 15. Bukbendum Khan 16. Simsauzi Khan 17. Kaymaju Khan 18. Temurtash Khan 19. Mengli-khoja Khan 20. Yulduz Khan 21. Budensir Mogak Khan(Alanku) 22. Tokha Khan 23. Dutumin Khan 24. Kaydu Khan 25. Bassikar Khan 26. Tumana Khan 27. Kabul Khan 28. Burtan Khan 29. Yassughi Bayadur Khan 30.Tamuzin (Genghis Khan)

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